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5 Thrift Store Items WAY More Valuable Than You Think

Did you know these thrift store items are way better deals than you would think?

No matter what some people think, thrift shop items can actually be treasures in disguise! Yet, even for the best bargain seekers and frugal people we know, thrift shops can end up being overwhelming. With the many isles and items, it can easily become distracting!

What are you looking for? What did you want to buy? Is it actually a good deal? Or are you wasting money on something, no matter how inexpensive it may be? Or worse, are you spending more money on something you think is a good find only to buy trash?

Do not worry! Since we know how polarizing getting thrift shop items can be, we have gathered some of the best finds you can score at Goodwill, be it that you want to sell them onward to make a quick buck or if you want them for yourself! None of these items are cheap generally, so they will turn out to be great finds no matter what, so make sure you give these second-hand items the attention they deserve!

Did you know about these Thift Shop items before? Did any of them surprise you? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Vintage canning jars

When it comes to thrift shop items and general items that are not going to leave us any time soon, mason jars are high on the list. These canning jars are both aesthetic and useful around the home, so they are always going to be around.

However, the ones that you should be aiming to find are not the ones that you can also easily get from Target or any other grocery store. You should be looking for the vintage ones—the ones that have that blue tint—the ball jars!

Not only are they extremely well made, but they are also going to bring you a pretty penny when you resell them. Vintage collectors are always on the lookout for these types of jars, and if you play your cards well, you can easily get a decent profit from them.

Even if you do not want to resell them, you can easily turn them into pretty home decor, or, if you are a fan of canning yourself, you can use them for veggies, pickles, or the like! There’s a lot of items you can buy, and maybe these inexpensive vintage jars are some of the best thrift store items!


We know that the idea of having a mismatch of plates, bowls, and other types of dishware may not appeal to you, but it is actually a pretty big trend at the moment! Not to mention, you should not knock something down until you try it.

At the thrift store, you can easily find a lot of such items that come in pairs or are individual but can be made from high-quality ceramics or that come in fun colors and patterns. It is an easy way to grab some true statement dishware pieces for a few bucks!

You can turn your table into one that is full of your character and aesthetic, with a fun color palette, or you can put the best pieces you can find at the thrift shop online so you can sell them to make a profit.

There are a lot of high-quality items at these shops that, because they are missing items from a set, are discarded and resold, and since people appreciate mismatched dishware now, it may be your time to shine!

thrift shop items
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Cast-iron cookware

Heavy-duty cast iron pans, pots, and other types of cookware are pretty expensive, and you can easily leave an arm and a leg on one at a store. The price tag these trusty types of skillets bring about is hefty, and while we can understand why they are so pricey, sometimes we do not want to pay so much for a pan or skillet!

That is where thrift stores come to your aid, and you can easily find them for a bargain! They will be used already, but they are a kitchen staple, and if you can get them for a better price, why not make the most of it? In the end, you should not let their shape deter you from getting one; unless it is a truly bad shape, you can easily restore it to its former glory!

You can get yourself a rust remover and then clean your pan, and since cast iron is so durable and heavy-duty, you will be left with a brand-new-looking and food-safe pan that you got for a bargain in a matter of minutes. Just put in some elbow grease, and you can easily achieve it.

While they may look pretty scary, some of the best-cast iron scrubbers are made from chainmail, and with a good cleaner, it will make your job of cleaning these pans easier! This one from Amazon is affordable and easy to use due to its shape; it is our favorite one!

Colored Pyrex

Speaking of vintage glass homeware, if you ever see vintage-colored Pyrex things at the thrift shop, you should stop whatever you are doing and grab them, especially if they are pink. These vintage types of Pyrex are always going to turn heads, but not everyone knows what they are or just how valuable they truly are.

Collectors are going to always be on the lookout for these vintage Pyrex items, and when you look at their resale value online, you are guaranteed to make a very pretty penny. Not to mention, they are very pretty and useful around your own house. You can always upgrade your cookware with some durable, good items, and why not make the most of bargain items?

But if you are looking to make a pretty good profit, you can easily sell these online, and you will then never walk out on the colored Pyrex items at the thrift shop.

thrift shop items
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If their dream is not one of making a huge library, a lot of people will end up decluttering, giving away their books, or donating them. This is why you will end up seeing a lot of books at thrift stores, and they may actually be one of the most plentiful categories of thrift store items.

You can turn the book category into a lucrative business for you even if you just enjoy reading and do not want to spend too much on books. The book section in the thrift shop is full of pare tuners, and they are sold for so little you will not believe it!

Whether you are into historical fiction, a quick summer read, a cozy fairytale book, or even autobiographical books, you can easily find them in these stores. You can also end up with a full collection if you have the patience to browse through all of the books available.

Not only that, but you can also sometimes find first-edition books and even signed ones, which, even if you do not have an interest in the book, you can easily sell to those who wish to own such valuable items in good condition.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Getting items from thrift shops and then selling them online, on Facebook Marketplace, Depop, or eBay, is not the only way in which you can easily make some extra money! Yet, not all of us have the time to spend doing this, but there is a way through which all frugal people can save more money so that they have more disposable income. Make sure you read all about the best ways frugal people save money here!

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