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You’re Better Off Buying These 7 Items Generic!

Yes, there is value in going for the generic products, but not with all items!

You may have the conviction that generic products are not of the same quality as brand-name products, but this could not be further from the truth!

While there are some products in which it is better to invest a little bit more, there are many other generic products that are worth your hard-earned dollars since they are of just as good quality as their brand-name counterparts.

Since they are cheaper, many people think that they are not quality items. However, they are just as good, but since they do not invest the same amount as bigger brands in packaging and marketing, they can afford to keep the prices low.

Here at Brainy Savings, we are dedicated to bringing you the best products and prices, so to help you save more money on your groceries, we brought you some of the best items to buy generic and where you can find them!

Start saving more today by choosing to get generic!

What is your favorite generic product? Let us know in the comments below!

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Food storage bags

You may know these as “Ziplock bags,”  but in reality, it is because this is the brand name of the same item! They have become so popular, and you have gotten used to both seeing them on the shelves of stores and calling them this. You have forgotten that that is the brand name.

In reality, many generic versions are just as good, but they come at a fraction of the price!

Some of the best ones out there are Walmart’s Great Value brand sandwich bags and their storage bags. They are Walmart’s brand, and they make a lot of generic products, some better than others, but when it comes to food storage bags, these are the best.

Another store that offers good generic plastic bags is Aldi, so if you are in the market to find durable yet affordable trash bags, you should check out this store!

Organizing items

Mari Kondo has taken the world by storm with her organizing technique, but if you happen to want to start organizing better, you will find yourself spending a small fortune on brand-name totes, containers, and boxes for all the rooms in your home.

While this can help you find things easier, and you can even stop overspending or losing money since you are more organized, there is no need to spend more than you need on organizing products!

The best way to save more is to go buy generic organizing products at big-box stores, grocery stores, and solar stores!

These are bound to have some of the items you are looking for at a fraction of the price those popular organizing stores charge.

In the end, there is no need to spend $20 on a clear plastic container, so go generic on these ones!


Yes, you read that right. Depending on the type of meat you want and the source of it, store-brand meats are going to be of the same quality as any brand-name meat you can find.

There is value in buying generic meat from bigger grocery stores, but also make a point to read the labels of the product, like you should be doing with most of them.

Not only will it help you double-check ingredients, but in the case of meat, it will tell you the source, and you can decide for yourself if you trust them.

If you want to save even more, besides buying generic, you should also buy your cuts at a wholesale club!

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You should make a point of getting generic medication whenever you can.

This is because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a lot of strict regulations in place that require all medication, be it brand name or generic, to abide by safety standards.

This means that you can get the same medication even three times cheaper if you go for the generic brand instead of the name-brand one.

This is a rule that is applied to both prescription and over-the-counter medications. So next time you are low on painkillers or cough medicine, you can end up saving a lot by just going for the generic versions instead of paying for flashier packaging.

Gift wrap

Let’s be candid for a moment; there is no need to pay three or four times the price for what is essentially colorful paper when it comes to gift wraps, or even gift bags and boxes, for that matter.

When it comes to boxes and bags, you have a chance of them being reused for other gifts or maybe for storage, but when it comes to wrapping paper, it will tear and be thrown away very quickly.

There is no need to spend an arm and a leg on a very expensive type of wrapping paper, so why not do yourself a favor and save quite a lot by getting generic brand wrapping paper next time you need it?

The dollar store is generally the best stop for that, so even if you do not have an anniversary coming up, it is good to stock up on the ones you like when you see them.

Otherwise, it is a good idea to get a pack of gift wraps online for a bargain. This one from Amazon has been a go-to when in a pinch for years!



There may be a bit of confusion here since we do not mean that you should be going for the cheapest gas out there if you do not know where it came from.

The AAA has uncovered that it pays off to pay the extra buck for Top Tier gas since it has more detergent additives and may be beneficial for the car’s engine.

Yet, this does not mean that you should only be relying on brand-name gas and paying extra on top of the top-tier one as well!

The good news is that if you want top-tier gas, you can find it in both brand and house names. The house name for which to go, which is basically the generic version here, is Kirkland Signature, which belongs to Costco.

If you do not have access to a Costco, you can find the brands that offer Top Tier gas, be it generic or brand name, on Top Tier’s website.

Frozen veggies and fruit

Generally speaking, if you are going to need frozen fruit or veggies, you will not notice much of a difference between generic and name-brand fruits and veggies.

They will end up doing the same if you are going to make smoothies and use them for baking or cooking, so if the price difference is significant, we generally recommend you go for the generic version.

One thing to note is that if a generic brand’s frozen fruits and veggies are usually seen as great, there is also a chance that one or two of them will be duds. Make sure you check reviews before you commit to buying large quantities.

Sometimes we overpay because we think something is going to work better; other times it is just because we are used to it! If you are curious to see which everyday items you are overpaying for and why you should stop, check out our article on the matter here!

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