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Shht! 5 Secret Ways Retirees Can Turn $100 into $1,000

Are you a retiree who’s looking for easy ways to save money?

I have fantastic news for you! I know a few ways you could turn $100 into $1000. It’s not going to be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, but you’ll have fun, and you’ll have the chance to use your imagination, and there will be no one to tell you what to do because YOU get to be your own boss!

Generally speaking, the easiest way to turn $100 into $1000 is to purchase something and then resell it to make a profit. It sounds so easy that even a kid can do it, but it’s not as simple as many people think.

I remember that my father was a retiree at the age of 65, and he kept telling me that he wanted to make some extra money so he could take my dear mother on a well-deserved vacation.

We started looking at different side jobs he could tackle or what kinds of services he could provide people with. It took us quite a long time to understand what he was good at and what he did wrong, but we finally made it.

I still remember the process and all those sleepless nights we had as we thought of ways to make it work. Now that I’m a part-time retiree myself (writing is my side gig, and I love it with all my heart), I’ve experimented a little bit, and based on my dad’s experience, nowadays things are somehow easier.

If you’re also a retiree who’s looking for an effective way to turn $100 into $1000, look no further, because I have all the tips you need! Are you ready to make some money? Because I am, so let’s begin!

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1. What about launching a service-based business

One of the smoothest ways to make some beautiful cash as a retiree is to launch and then invest in your own service-based business. There are a ton—and I mean it when I say—of people who can’t be bothered to do their own things, such as mow their lawn, walk their dogs, or do their own nails.

If none of these examples sounds tempting, there are quite a lot of services you can tackle, and they’ll bring some pretty green money into your pocket.

If the idea of doing a lady’s manicure sounds like something fun, it might require you some extra money since you’ll need a diploma, but at the end of the course, you’ll start booking more and more women who want their nails to look polished and perfect every day, so yes, you’ll turn $100 into $1000.

2. Purchase Amazon returns and resell them

One of my favorite platforms is YouTube, besides Instagram, and that’s because I can watch fantastic content that inspires me. It seems like teenagers and young people nowadays are getting more and more creative, and I’m here for it.

For example, I saw a 20-something-year-old girl on YouTube who made a video about Amazon return boxes. She bought them, evaluated every single item, and then sold them again to make a profit.

You might say that this is a Gen Z or Millennial job, but who said that a retiree can’t do such a thing? I think you can, and there are lots of products you could resell. Did you know that the massive retailer Amazon gets approximately 250,000 returns per day? That’s mind-blowing, and you might like it because you could use it to your advantage.

Amazon has so much money that they don’t even make the effort of putting those products back on the shelves and trying to sell them again. This is crazy because even if some items weren’t opened, they end up being thrown away or simply destroyed.

So what can a retiree do in a case like this? Simple: look for those Amazon returns, open them, and then resell those products online, either on Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, eBay, or any other platform. And the thing you’ll love the most about this is that those mystery boxes will make you a happy retiree.

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3. Start flipping

At the beginning of this article, I told you about how me and my father tried to come up with different ways to turn $100 into $1000 ASAP. The gig that helped my dad take my mom on vacation was flipping. It was fun and exciting and rewarding, and it made us feel like we were always on an adventure.

To be honest, my guess is that flipping is just as old as the first homo sapiens. I’m pretty sure that there was some creative caveman who found some shiny rocks and traded them for a piece of meat.

History is like a circle and keeps coming back. So yeah, do you have any shiny rocks? Because the buyers will come to you just like bees come to honey.

My father started his flipping journey when he noticed that there were a lot of objects we didn’t use at home. From old paintings, clothes, jewelry, decor items, and even pieces of furniture, we organized a garage sale and made a pretty good profit.

When he didn’t have anything else to sell from home, he started going to other garage sales and thrift stores, looking for a potential fortune. Not every store or location had something as good as a shiny rock, but others were like heaven on earth. My dad made $30,000 in sales during his first year, and he was a retiree. If he did it, so can you!

I took his example and started going to thrift stores weekly to find some amazing things that would spark joy in someone’s life. I purchased tons of clothes that I’ve washed, ironed, and added a nice and special touch to, like a small embroidery or some jewelry, and then made 10x their money by selling them on Poshmark and eBay.

Just start with something small, and once you get the hang of it, step up your game and tackle bigger things, such as gadgets, smartphones, cars, and even houses—you might get lucky. You’ll be a retiree who invested a little and received a lot in return!

4. DIY style

Are you into DIY projects? Because that crafty side in you might bring you some dollar bills. When you’re a retiree, you have a lot of time to do what you want, right? Why not take some money out of your pocket, grab some supplies, and start building your own dream and fortune?

But before you begin working, you have to answer this question: do you have what it takes to create something beautiful and worthy out of budget-friendly materials? Or would you like to learn how you can turn into a crafty retiree?

Let’s put it this way: a bar of iron doesn’t cost more than $10, and you can easily turn it into horseshoes that you can sell for $20. And if you made it into needles, you’d have more than $300 coming at you. It goes even further: turn into springs for watches, and someone will be more than happy to give them—get ready for it: $300,000

Are you up for a challenge? Can you put your DIY side to work and make a minimalistic and classy table out of scrap wood? Or some cozy and put-together patio furniture out of basic pallets? Can you carve a piece or have fun painting something? Or maybe you’re interested in crafting some elegant jewelry pieces or a fantastic sculpture. The possibilities are many; you just have to start NOW!

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5. Tour guide

Do you know that a retiree can be an amazing tour guide? Let me tell you a story. My husband is from Chicago, and I’m from Seattle, but all my life I wanted to visit New Orleans and take a stroll around the French Quarter.

I wanted to learn more about the culture, the history, and the colors around me, so, of course, I insisted on taking a tour. We found a retired man who had lived in that quarter his entire life, and when he retired, he became a part-time guide.

He gathered 10 people and made a group, and each one of us paid him $10 for the tour. It only took 2 hours, and he made $100. I don’t know if there are other groups after us, but if there are 3 groups in a day, he would’ve made $300 in 6 hours. Is like a part-time job, although he is a retiree.

If you live in a place that’s typically frequented by tourists, don’t miss your chance to give a tour, take people on fun and exciting activities, or join them on hikes.

If you have some money to invest, you could print some business cards and give them to people so they know about your services. You can even affiliate with some small businesses in your city and then take the tourists to their shops.

Your creativity shouldn’t stop just because you’re a retiree. Just think about out-of-the-box ways to make some extra cash and have fun doing so! If you need some extra tips on how to make some cash as a retiree, I recommend you check out this book because it’s a gold mine!

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