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You Can Make Money With Grocery Store Receipts (Here’s How)

If you’re anything like most people, then you probably didn’t think too much about what is written on receipts after purchases. However, did you know that those little pieces of paper not only show the worth of your money but are also worth money?

There are many ways in which you can make money by simply showing your receipts, and today we’re going to debunk all of them. From cash-back apps to market research programs, let’s see what you need to do to earn more.

You will find out that you can maximize your savings to the fullest by doing the same thing you’ve done so far. Save money on groceries, find new deals while shopping online, and try to be as mindful as possible when it comes to your budget, and you’ll get a ton of rewards!

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Cash-back apps

Numerous cash-back apps are currently available, and you might be able to get a ton of cash back on your purchases. All you have to do is scan those receipts. These apps might give you cash back on all kinds of products, which include groceries, clothing, and even household items.

Besides, you might use your receipts to compare those prices between the stores and find the best possible deal. Some of these popular cash-back apps are Ibotta, Checkout 51, Fetch Rewards, Shopkick, Swabucks, Receipt Hog,, Coin Out, Paribus, Receipt Pal, and, of course, Amazon Shopper Panel, to which you can only gain access through an invite.

Even so, it seems that Amazon Shopper Panel has been recommended by many as the “best option out there”. In fact, it seems that if you can get on board with them, you will get $10 in Amazon credits for every 10 receipts. Even so, it’s still recommended to check them all and see which one fits you best.

Rain checks

When you say a great deal, then it’s probably gone in a couple of minutes. Oftentimes, that’s a bummer, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to cash in on the same scale, as all you’ll have to do is ask for a simple rain check.

Lots of people don’t use these rain checks as often as they could when, in reality, you will get the rain check added to that receipt, which you can later bring with you to get that item. Remember this tip the next time you decide to go shopping.

Fill out surveys

Even if these receipts are hard to find, they will definitely pay off in dividends. But if you’re willing to try this option, you will be able to earn money only by sharing your own opinions. As a matter of fact, these surveys are based on the service you get, and you won’t spend more than five minutes filling them out.

If you do that, you will get to win some money that can be later used towards things such as groceries, which might have gotten a bit more expensive due to inflation.

Get a special refund when there’s a sale

If, by any chance, you purchase something right before it goes on sale, don’t worry. The majority of stores will let you get the cashback, as long as you simply show them your receipt. Good news: you can make a lot of money by simply doing this, and if you ask me, it’s a wonderful opportunity to profit from that sale.

So if you want to try this trick, make sure you watch out for flyers and check if the item you’ve recently bought ended up on sale right after you purchased it.

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Join other loyalty programs

If you have a favorite spot you frequently go to, then you might want to consider getting something from those visits. And yes, I’m talking about joining all kinds of loyalty programs. Whether we’re talking about great stores or your favorite restaurant, with a loyalty program, you might receive full access to all kinds of deals and discounts on all future purchases.

All you need to do is present a loyalty card and receipts. I mean, this is the perfect way to save money, support, and frequent your favorite stores, and I simply can’t find anything better than that!

Price matching

If, by any chance, you stumble upon a better deal on something you bought at a different store, don’t worry. All you need is that *magical* receipt, and you will soon find out how price matching is your best friend.

Luckily, many retailers out there are open to price matching, which means that they won’t have any issue matching the price of another item as long as you find it at a better price elsewhere.

Get receipts for tax deductions

A lesser-known way of making money only with your receipts is keeping them handy at tax time. For instance, if you’re a freelancer or you own a small business, make sure you keep all those receipts so you can deduct eligible expenses on your taxes and save more money on your tax bill.

However, we’d strongly recommend you consult a tax professional or a website before making a move, just to make sure the items you picked are deductible.

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Mail in the rebates

Rebates, also known as cashback offers, are usually provided by manufacturers when you buy certain products. As rebates are known to be extremely valuable, you also have to remember to mail them in and to keep your receipts. If not, you are bound to pay the full price.

Mail-in rebates usually have an expiration date, and they might require providing a receipt so you can get the cashback. That’s one of the reasons why it is so important to save ALL your receipts, especially when it comes to products that also come with a rebate offer.

Browse the internet and win money

If you enjoy browsing more than you love spending, then I want to recommend Shopkick. There are many things you can do that might earn you “kicks” in the long run, and luckily, not all of them involve spending money. If you would ask me, earning gift cards might be as simple as entering your favorite stores. Shopkick will let you earn “kicks”, which might be later redeemed for gift cards, by simply:

  • entering your favorite stores
  • scanning barcodes
  • submitting a receipt from a purchase
  • buying something with a linked Visa or Mastercard
  • buying items online
  • watching more videos

Learn how to use Shopkick to your own advantage

One of the best ways in which you could earn kicks on Shopkick is by using their app to take a picture of the receipt right after buying something. So whether you’re shopping for groceries, gifts, or even gadgets, you might earn kicks on Shopkick by simply uploading your receipt. You just have to download the app, create an account, and get started.

If you have decided to try any of these tips, then we’d love to know how it went, so don’t hesitate to write down in the comments section all about your experience! And since we’re talking about cash back, then you’re probably curious to find out more about various discounts and deals, right? Then we’d recommend you read this: Hurry Up! These 8 US Hotels Offer Senior Discounts NOW

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