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70% of Americans Saved Hundreds With THESE 11 Household Hacks

With these amazing household hacks, you will be able to save A LOT of money! 

Everything has become increasingly expensive since last year, and there isn’t much hope for the future. Because of these skyrocketing prices, saving money seems like an impossible task. Some people even thought about downsizing to cut household costs. If this thing crossed your mind, step back and take a deep breath since we’re here to help you!

There is no need to relocate to a smaller space in order to save money. You will definitely find a way to save more money with these household hacks, and if you find them useful, please share them with friends and family because we love helping people!

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1. Wash you clothes at 30 degrees

Simply switching from hot to cold water can reduce the energy used by each load by half, and lowering the temperature further will result in even greater energy savings. As for your clothes, don’t worry; modern detergents are so effective that they may be washed in cold water and still come out fresh, clean, and nice-smelling.

Unless your clothes have really bad stains on them, there is no need to use hot water for every cycle! This is a useful household hack that I wish I had known about before inflation hit.

2. Make your own household cleaners

Do you want to save more money? Instead of spending hundreds of bucks on brand-name cleaning products that are usually pretty pricey, start a DIY project and make your own ones. You won’t need many ingredients for this project, so don’t be concerned about the cost!

I usually combine water and half a cup of vinegar for mine, and for stubborn stains like the ones from the oven, I usually add some baking soda too. Lemons are also very efficient when it comes to cleaning, and I was extremely happy that they helped me clean the interior of my microwave in less than ten minutes. Neat, right? Why spend an arm and a leg on all-purpose cleaning products when you can easily utilize items from your pantry that are way cheaper?

3. Always rent your tools!

It’s true that a big majority of people inherited a lot of tools from their parents or grandparents, but there are a lot of others that don’t have them at home. Before buying a super-expensive set of tools, think about the possibility of renting them. Yes, you’ve heard me well! You will save more money from this household hack.

Renting tools has become very common for most Americans who want to make small arrangements in their homes. For example, a jackhammer can be pretty pricey if you want to buy it new. Hammer drills, pressure washers, jackhammers, and carpet cleaners are examples of common instruments that you can rent by the hour or the day. There is a considerable chance that the tool you require for your job will be available at your neighborhood tool rental shop.

4. Stop buying sweepers and mop heads

I wish I knew this household hack sooner! Because I used to spend a lot of money changing the mop head every two weeks. Maybe you won’t think it costs a fortune, but in the long run, if you calculate how much you’ve spent on them, you will be surprised. I was, and that’s why I tried to make a change for the better.

Replace your disposable mop heads with washable cloths. I know it sounds strange, but old clothes, such as t-shirts or other items you no longer wear, are useful for wiping dust off surfaces or cleaning them. You can throw them away once they start to tear apart and replace them with new ones! If this still doesn’t work, look for a washable microfiber sweeper mop rather than a single-use mop.

5. Install a water heater timer

Another brilliant household hack is the water heater timer! You can set the times that your water heater turns on and off over the course of a 24-hour period with this gadget. Because every home is unique and has a varied hot water usage pattern, you must decide if a timer is the best choice for you.

6. Use weather stripping

If you see light moving underneath external doors, air is escaping. Seal all doors that lead outdoors by grabbing a few packages of self-adhesive rubber foam weather strippings and getting to work. If your gas bills remain high after this repair, it’s time to replace the strips entirely with new ones.

7. Opt for insulation

This is definitely a life-saving household hack! And the good news is that you can do it on your own because it’s pretty easy and it won’t take more than a couple of hours to install it. Start with the basement, then slowly go up until you reach the attic. In case your basement doesn’t need any improvement, you can start with the insulation from the top, directly in the attic.

You will be amazed at how much you can save from this small hack! In my situation, I was able to reduce the cost of heating and cooling by an average of 15%, which means almost $200 per year, by simply repairing air leaks and adding the proper type of insulation.

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8. Repair any tiny hole

A hole can form if your door knob slams through the wall every time you open the door. And for sure, it will be visually annoying, and it’s going to bug you! However, you do not need to hire a handyman to help you with this minor issue. Because this is something you can easily accomplish on your own! You may quickly patch up a few holes in your drywall by injecting setting compound (for smaller holes) or by removing the damaged areas and installing new drywall in their place (this is applicable for larger ones).

This is a great household hack I learned from my father, and I am very grateful for it! Let me know in the comments section if you tried it too.

9. Stop buying paper towels

I bet that my grandma would be so mad to see me throwing money away on paper towels. Because let’s be honest, they are more like a luxury than a necessity! Let’s think about this: buying two rolls of paper towels each week will cost you roughly $182 each year! Sheesh! Instead, you can use washable towels. They are less expensive, and you can buy a pack of six for less than $20. I’d say it’s a good deal!

Furthermore, they are extremely durable and wipe up messes almost as fast. If you act quickly, you can find the same deal I did when I purchased my set of kitchen towels from Amazon for $17. Paper towels should only be used for spills that require immediate disposal, such as oil and grease. The next time you go shopping, you must keep in mind this household tip!

10. Plant trees for extra shade during the summer

Consider yourself fortunate if you have a backyard! And the good news is that you can benefit from it and lower your cooling costs by planting some trees for some extra shade during the warm season. You can protect your house from the summer sun by planting two shade trees: one on the west side and one on the east. But be careful and avoid south-facing ones, which block the winter sun and prevent it from getting into your windows.

Moreover, if you’re planning to sell your house in the future, this hack might add up to 10% more value to your property. Neat, right?

11. Set a timer for the shower

Finally, this is one of my favorite household hacks! Although it took some time for me to give up long, hot showers, I finally made it, and I am grateful that my water bills have now been significantly reduced. Because I used to spend more than 15 minutes in the shower, I set a timer that lowered my time to 5 or 6 minutes. So let me tell you a funny story.

My spouse wanted to challenge himself to spend even less time in the bathroom, so every time he enters the shower, he starts playing a song that lasts 4 minutes, and most of the time he succeeds in getting out exactly when the song ends. Are you willing to try this hack too? Tell us in the comments.

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