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These 5 Purchases Pay for Themselves in Less Than a Year

These are the things that pay for themselves!

Considering the economic landscape, you are probably one of the people who have a frugal lifestyle and try to save as much as possible. Since you want to learn how to save more, you should know about the things that pay for themselves.

Yes, there are some purchases that pay for themselves. Instead of buying certain services, you can choose to make a big purchase, and in the end, you will realize that you have spent less on this than you would have if you kept paying for the said services.

Read on, and you will find a list of some of the best things that pay for themselves within 52 weeks after you buy them. Learn how to spend money wisely, and in the end, you will save more!

things that pay for themselves
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1. A router

Nowadays, it is essential to have an internet connection. One of the most accessible ways to do that is to subscribe to an internet provider and get a router. Most providers will let you rent a router from them, but is it worth it? Since this is an item on the list of things that pay for themselves, the answer is obviously no.

For example, one internet company will charge you $15 per month or $180 per year if you decide to rent the router from them. Renting the needed equipment is generally the most expensive part of subscribing to an internet company, and many times this is not mentioned in the ads.

What you can do instead is buy your own router. This is a smart one-time purchase that will eliminate the renting fee forever. The best part is that you get to choose your router. You can find many of them on Amazon. A basic one can be anywhere from $25 to $40, and if you want a more polished one, you can also buy a fine router that costs $150 or more.

If you were to pay the $15 fee every month for a year, you would pay $180. Instead, you can buy a router from Amazon and save a lot of money.

2. Insulation

We know that when you hear about renovation, your first thought is about how expensive it can be, but please stay with us and you might change your mind about some aspects regarding home renovation.

Experts say that new home insulation is one of the things that pay for themselves, and we also have the numbers that can back up this. If you live in an old home that doesn’t have the best walls, you are probably affected by the temperatures from the outside.

In the summer, when the heat waves strike, you will feel incredibly hot inside your house, and in the winter, you can compare your home to a freezer, right? So what are you going to do next? Probably in the summer, you will fully depend on the AC, and in the winter, you will max out the heating system.

All of these will lead to increased bills, and in the end, you will pay a lot of money when, in reality, you can avoid doing this quite easily. Insulating your house can reduce your cooling and heating bills by up to 45%. If you pay $300 per month for your households, this will be almost $2000 if you save the money in one year.

According to our experts, if you decide to insulate your home, the average price would be somewhere around $1,637. This is almost equal to how much you pay for the bill in one year. So, it would be a better idea to upgrade your home, and after this, you will pay less for the bills.

We know this is a pricey purchase, but in the end, it is one of the things that pay for themselves, and it is totally worth it in the long run.

3. A washing machine

Maybe your washing machine broke some time ago, and now you rely on a laundromat. You might think that since so many people choose to wash their clothes at a laundromat, the prices are reasonable.

In reality, even if a washing machine seems to be so expensive when you go into the store and look at it, keep in mind that this is one of the things that pay for themselves. This is one of the home appliances that are worth every penny, and if you don’t have one, consider buying one right away.

It all depends on how often you wash, but in general, the washing machine will pay for itself in somewhere around 12 to 18 months. Now, this is about going to the laundromat. You will need to pay some money, and this is just for the washed and dried clothes. Add the fuel you use to get there, and you have already spent too much.

If you pay $2 to $4 per load in a year, you will pay $900 just to wash your clothes. It is better to just buy your own washing machine.

4. Preventative health care

Maybe this is an entry that you were not expecting to see on a list of things that pay for themselves, but here it is. Preventive health care is a big one, and if you really consider it, you will be surprised by how much this can affect your life in a good way.

You will never regret investing in preventive healthcare. If you make little investments in your health from time to time, this type of proactive behavior will prevent you from spending a lot on your medical bills later on.

Maybe it might seem costly at first glance, but if you divide the investment by a year, you will see that this is one of the things that pays for itself. We know that high-quality vitamins, regular checkups, and tests can be kind of pricey, but long-term if you take care of them, they will definitely pay off.

The small health improvements you can make will always result in fewer medical bills you will need to pay later on. So, if you want to go to the gym and eat healthier meals, just do it.

things that pay for themselves
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5. A thermostat

If you are worried about how much you pay for your cooling and heating bills, you should invest in a programmable thermostat. This is a game changer, and you will be amazed when you save double-digit percentages on your bills.

This device controls the temperature in your home, and you can program it to take care of this whole thing when you are not at home or you are sleeping.

Now, you should know that the price of a thermostat can vary depending on the features it has. You can pay $30, or you can pay more than $100. But considering how much money you will save, you can buy a more expensive one, as this is one of the things that pay for themselves.

A thermostat can help you save more than 10% on your heating bill during the winter. This happens because the thermostat will drop the temperature by 10–15 degrees. This is a fantastic way to save money!

This is a smart thermostat that is also compatible with Alexa. It can be a good choice if you want a new thermostat: Amazon Smart Thermostat – Save money and energy – Works with Alexa and Ring 

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