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When to Buy? First Half of the Year Buying Guide

Do you know when to buy these needed items?

There are a lot of items that we may need or even want, but do you know when to buy them?

We are all aware that there is a good time and a bad time to buy certain items, but outside of the huge sales periods that we are all aware of, it is pretty hard to pinpoint when to buy what.

Sure, if you only want to get something or buy an upgrade, you can afford to wait until you find a great deal for that product. But what do you do when you truly need to replace something or you know you are on your last usage stretch with certain items in your home? Do you just get them, or do you wait until the last minute?

The real answer is that you should plan ahead and not wait until the last minute to get something you need or that needs replacement.

This is why we have decided to help you out and have gathered what items you should buy in which months so that you can get the best prices and save some money!

What do you want to buy? Let us know which month you are waiting for!

when to buy
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We all know January is the best time to make the most of all the holiday goods clearance prices, but there are other more interesting things you should keep an eye out for, such as fitness gear, new sheets, and even a new humidifier.

Retailers have something called “white sales,”  which can be dated back to 1878 when a department store in Philadelphia held a sale for the first time on linens to help those who sold them stay afloat during a slow period.

Since then, in January, a lot of linen manufacturers and retailers are going to have sales for these items. You can use this opportunity to get your hands on some high-quality bedsheets for yourself and even as a future gift!

When it comes to fitness gear, it is good to aim to get it now due to one simple reason: New Year’s resolutions. A lot of people make the point of thinking they will start working out, so a lot of retailers will have discounts to attract them. So if you have been looking for a new yoga mat or are in the market for a Fitbit, this is the month to make the most of the deals.

When should I buy a new humidifier? It is in January! According to market studies, this month sees the steepest discounts when it comes to these products, and whether you have been looking to get one, replace a broken one, or just get extra ones, you should jump on the good deals.


A lot of people will come and tell you that you should be making the most of unsweetened chocolate after Valentine’s Day. And while that is a good idea, there are bigger fish to catch when it comes to February discounts!

One of the best things to invest in is winter clothing! It seems out of place since the season is theoretically ending, but when you take into consideration the end-of-season sale and the extra discounts for President’s Day, you will be able to get winter essentials like boots and coats for a great price.

Not to mention, winter can sometimes persist well into March, and after wearing winter gear for the whole season, you know what needs to be replaced and what does not.

And since we have been talking about the cold, how about a space heater? Since the season is ending, retailers will be having pretty big discounts on space heaters, and if you want to get a new one or just one to use when it is not yet really cold, we recommend that you keep an eye out for sales.

The best one to keep an eye out for is Dyson’s Pure Hot and Cool Tower, which doubles as an air purifier so you can use it all year round!

when to buy
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Unless you are lucky and you get Easter to line up in March, there are no major shopping holidays during this month.

Yet, there are quite a lot of sales that you can take advantage of, especially since retailers will be using spring cleaning as a reason to offer some deals. Not to mention, summer is right around the corner, so you should start preparing!

One of the best things to invest in this month is a vacuum cleaner. If you have been getting fed up with yours, make sure you keep an eye out on vacuum sales, as spring cleaning will make tons of retailers lower their prices, and you may be able to get a huge deal even on popular models.

Likewise, air purifiers are going to be going for the best price. Since we all crave that cooler, spring air after the cold months, yet a lot of us are aware of all the pollutants and allergens, it is better to enjoy the fresh air after it has been purified. Getting one in March can mean you can get a better model for a hefty discount.

And since we have mentioned travel, it is time to upgrade your camera or even just get one for your next holiday. Maybe you are back into scrapbooking or you just love to take pictures the old-fashioned way without the use of your phone. Get them now, as digital cameras will be on sale all the way through April.

Likewise, luggage is going to be discounted too! Retailers are aware that the warm months are coming, and before raising prices for the peak of the travel season, they have to make space for new stock!


We’re not going to fall for April Fools during this month, but make most of the sales. Spring cleaning continues, but it can help you get out some of the biggest spending by getting the best deals out there.

If you have a yard, you already know how hard it is to clean it after the winter. Why not get a leaf blower at an April sale? This is the best time to buy one, as people associate it with autumn more than spring, and there will be sales. Not to mention, you will be able to get rid of leaves, debris, and grass clipping easily for all the seasons to come.

Carpets are also going to need your attention now, as this is one of the most dreaded spring cleaning items. Know that most retailers have your back, and you will be able to find carpet cleaners on sale, so you can get professional results in the comfort of your home.

Spring break is right around the corner, which means road trips are on the horizon! If you are in the market for new tires, expect to see some great promotions and sales around this time of the year.

when to buy
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Mayday, mayday! Or, better said, May’s the perfect time to make the most of Memorial Day discounts.

This is especially true if you are in need of a new mattress; replacing an old one, getting a new air mattress for camping or guests, or moving has never been easier than during Memorial Day sales.

It is the best time of the year to get a new one, and it also applies to the likes of small appliances like blenders.

Due to Mother’s Day, you will be finding lots of appliances on sale, and no matter what this says about our society, there is no need to pass on a great deal. Get that powerful blender of your dreams at a discount!

And since summer is coming, it means new clothes are on the horizon! Spring clothing (which can be great for late summer and early autumn too) is going on sale to make space for the new season, so keep an eye out for department stores, big box stores, and even your favorite clothing shop sales!


School’s out, and so are the deals, which are just starting to heat up! While some spring months have been great to prepare, this is the month to get all your outdoor gear, tech, and tools, along with making your stock of sunscreen.

One of the best things you can buy on a sale this month is sunscreen; prices have been dipping in June over the last few years, and you can make the most of it. Do not neglect to get it, as climate change has made the sun even more vicious than we remember it, so stock up on both body and face sunscreen from your favorite brands.

If you want to get the best prices for outdoor gear, especially camping gear and the like, you should keep an eye out. Since the season is just starting, retailers are going to try to get people into the spirit, and they will lower their prices.

What’s more Father’s Day is coming, so expect to see markdowns on the likes of tools and smartwatches!

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If you want to find out other needed and nifty tricks on how you can save your money, make sure you read more about our best budgeting tips here!

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