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Here’s How Frugal People Clean Their Homes on a Budget (8 Tips)

Are you a frugal person?

Have you ever watched “Friends”? It’s my favorite show ever! Is one of the most popular sitcoms in the entire world, and it showed the lives of 6 best friends—3 girls and 3 boys. One of the women, Monica Geller, played by the beautiful actress Courtney Cox, was obsessed, and I mean literally obsessed, with cleaning.

She loved scrubbing every single inch of the floor, and it was actually one of her favorite activities in the world. I don’t think that she was frugal about her cleaning experience because she enjoyed it too much. However, if you’re not Monica Geller yourself, you probably want to know all the tips and tricks on how to spruce up your home faster, easier, and with products that are budget-friendly and effective.

I know, I know, I think just the same as you do, which is exactly why I decided to grab my laptop and write this article. Whether you’re looking for motivation to jump-start your spring cleaning adventure or you want to discover how to get more done in less time and with fewer items as well, this article is for you. Without further ado, here’s how frugal people clean their homes on a budget:

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1. Steam clean your microwave

Just as I type this 1st tip, I can already tell that it would’ve made a huge difference in my life a few weeks ago, when I decided to scrub my trusted microwave the old-school way: with a sponge and a cleaning solution.

But here’s the smarter and more frugal way to get rid of any germs and bacteria in your microwave: grab 2 TBS of white vinegar and mix them well with a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil (yes, yes, that’s right, do it). Add a bit of water to the mixture. Allow the cocktail to do its magic for 5 minutes, then take a sponge and clean your microwave. It will be fresh and shiny in no time!

2. Lemon for stainless steel

Frugal people tip number 2 is all about using lemons to clean stainless steel. I don’t know why they call it stainless because, in my opinion, it can stain pretty easily, even if you just splash a drop of water on it by accident.

However, if you want to make your appliances look fresh and STAINLESS, go to your kitchen, grab a lemon and a knife, and cut your piece of fruit in half. Now scrub your gadgets, and you’ll notice that all your water stains are gone in just a couple of minutes. Then wipe everything with a cloth or tissue paper, and your home will smell fantastic and very fresh!

3. Your hairdryer can get rid of watermarks

I absolutely hate watermarks, but they can happen way more often than you think, especially if there are any people in your household who don’t know how to use a coaster (aka my grandkids). However, there’s no need to fret because frugal people know how to deal with this.

Grab your hairdryer, a soft cloth, and your wooden cleaning solution. Plug your device in, put it on its lowest setting, and move it around your water spot. Make sure you don’t keep it still and in the same place because the wood might overheat and you risk destroying it.

After a couple of seconds, add a tiny bit of wooden cleaning substance where the mark is, grab your soft cloth, and rub everything into the shoe in a circular motion. Your furniture should be just as new.

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4. Make your bathtub sparkle with grapefruit

I have no idea what you think, but it seems that frugal people enjoy using fruits to clean up their homes, and I’m all about it. This isn’t your usual cleaning hack, but it does the job just fine, and that’s all that matters.

If your bathtub is full of soap scum and rings, all you have to do is cut a piece of grapefruit in half, add some rock salt on top, and start scrubbing. Check if the stains are gone, rinse with clean water, and you’re done. Your bathroom is going to smell lovely, and it will be sparkling in no time!

5. How to clean your shower head

Another great tip from frugal people is all about making that shower head look immaculate and pretty, pretty. Grab a sandwich bag and add baking soda with vinegar in it. Mix them together, if you can, then tie the bag around your shower cap. Use an elastic band to secure everything.

Let the mixture do its magic overnight, and the next morning, when you’re ready to start the cleaning process, grab an old toothbrush and scrub, scrub, scrub. Wipe with a soft cloth and there you have it: everything looks stunning and clean!

6. Pay attention to your oven

If you’re a pro when it comes to cleaning your oven in no time and with little effort, I can only envy you, because last week, before I found out about all these frugal and easy tips on how to properly clean my home, I spent an hour making my oven nice and fresh again.

But if you want to discover what frugal people do to save money and effort at the same time, here’s what I discovered: they use water and baking soda to make their ovens sparkle and look as good as new. All you have to do is mix these substances together until they form a white paste, then put it inside your oven, just like you would put on moisturizer.

For even better results, leave the mixture overnight, then spray some vinegar around your oven, wipe, wipe, wipe, and you’re done! It seems like this natural combination of chemicals is going to work its magic and attract every bit of grime, leaving your gadget looking fantastic and ready for your next meal.

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7. Your kitchen likes vinegar

I told you that frugal people really know how to clean their homes on a budget, and they didn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for the perfect solution to clean your kitchen shelving and countertops, all you need is vinegar and water.

Mix these 2 together in a 50:50 ratio, grab a soft cloth, dip a portion in the mixture, and start wiping. It will get rid of any dirt and bacteria while leaving your kitchen clean and fresh! I told you that it’s simple and effective!

8. Keyboards and a toothbrush

If you’re looking for ways to clean your keyboard properly, frugal people have got you covered! As you probably know, it’s pretty hard to clean between your laptop or computer keys and your typical cleaning equipment is not exactly helpful when it comes to reaching tiny spaces.

But here’s what you can do: grab a toothbrush and start cleaning in between your keys. It’s not going to take you a while, and your computer will work and look better, which is always good!

If you’re looking for some soft microfiber cloths to help you properly clean your beautiful home, these ones from Amazon will get the job done. They’re easy to use and clean afterward, and they’ll make your things sparkle.

Do you like these cleaning tips from frugal people? They’re easy to implement, budget-friendly, and will make your home look top-notch in no time! If you need any more tips and tricks on how to save money, we’ve got you covered! Here’s an article that you’ll like: 14 Things Frugal People Would NEVER Buy!

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