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These 8 Cheap Hacks Will Make Your Washing Machine Last a Lifetime

More than 80% of Americans own at least one washing machine. However, have you ever wondered how many washing machines last as long as they’re supposed to? For instance, some household appliances, like washing machines, offer various benefits.

You get to save more time and make sure your clothes are clean. Also, we can all agree on the fact that this appliance is a great investment, so you want to make sure it lasts for as long as possible.

I think it’s important to mention it, especially since a lot of people live under the impression that their washer doesn’t need constant maintenance. Even so, you shouldn’t wait until it can’t be used anymore. In case you wish to “take a load” off your mind when it comes to your washing machine, here’s how to take care of it!

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Check your pockets

The discussion on who’s actually responsible for cleaning out the pockets goes on: the washer or the wearer? If you ask me, we are the ones who should clean their pockets, and trust me, I’ve learned it the hard way!

And while you might think that the worst thing you could find in your pockets after a washing cycle is either a dollar bill or a flashlight, that’s not it. The worst intruder, our enemy in disguise, is the tissue.

A tissue that manages to slip will instantly unfold, and all the other clothes will have to suffer. So the next time you set a washing cycle, be 100% sure that there aren’t any forgotten tissues in there.

Don’t forget to clean it

Even if your clothes look clean, they might hold a dirty secret. I bet you didn’t know that bacteria might stick to the walls inside your washing machines, as E. coli, salmonella, and Hepatitis A. In the end, these germs might manage to make their way onto your clean clothes, so that’s why I’d heavily recommend you clean your washer.

It’s also super important to protect your washer’s health. If you don’t clean it, you might discover later that it’s full of debris, like dust, dirt, and even soap. It’s a double threat, as it poses all kinds of health risks and smells awful. On top of that, it can also harm the washer.

Check the lint filters and vents

If you have one of those machines that are a combination between a washer and a dryer, then you need to constantly check the lint filter and clean it thoroughly before using it. It’s true that not all machines have them, but for those who do, it will improve their function and reduce fire hazards.

It is also very easy, and it won’t take more than a minute. When it comes to unwanted fire hazards, we’d recommend you stick with better safe than sorry. Also, remember that every washer must have proper ventilation, or the moisture will build up and negatively impact the appliance. Vents might also pose a fire risk, besides releasing fumes and being super noisy.

Don’t overindulge in detergent

You might think otherwise, but a ton of detergent doesn’t necessarily mean cleaner clothes. In fact, it might mean more residue on clothes and odor, but also a shorter washer lifespan. In time, way too much detergent might damage the drum and eventually lead to blockages.

Then, water is blocked, and additional damage might unfold. Your washer might have to work twice for a regular task, and it’s all because you used too much detergent. Even more, it could mean that you need an extra rinse cycle, which will cost you more (because it will use extra energy).

Do things the right way by starting with proper research. Is your current detergent the right one for your washing machine? It seems that some detergents are specifically made for a top- or front-loading washer, and others are even “made” for high-efficiency machines.

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Learn what you can put in

There are all kinds of items that might end up in the washing machine, and that includes sponges, car floor mats, shower curtains, and even backpacks. Besides, you might think that soft toys are a good idea, but unless you put them in a mesh laundry bag, don’t do it!

For instance, anything that’s covered in pet hair might have a negative impact on the washer’s pipes and drum. That’s why I’d recommend you use a lint roller to remove all the hair before throwing it in the washer.

And here’s another interesting fact: the washing machine isn’t the only one that damages your bras; they also return the favor! Those unfastened hooks can easily snag on the cylinder, which means you might have to take care of it later. Why not avoid the whole thing ahead of time?

Make sure you remove the wet clothes

If you don’t remove them right after the cycle is over, your clothes will smell so bad, you might have to wash them all over again. The moisture might cause the growth of unwanted mold and mildew inside your washing machine, and this is one of the biggest health risks that can harm you and your washer at the same time.

Mold spores might damage the structure of the seal, and if it gets out of control, you might have to change the washer altogether. My advice would be to leave the washer door open between loads so it can air-dry. Also, some washing machines are so ahead of time that they might let you know that it’s time to let them air dry after each wash!

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Wash the appropriate amount of clothes

There’s one thing to stuff that extra pair of socks into your washer, and a whole other thing to wash the entire house at once. By overfilling the machine, you have a 100% chance of ruining the motor and causing frame damage.

Also, if the load is too heavy, it might cause stress to the drum, throwing it out of alignment, not to mention that your clothes won’t have enough space to move around because things are too crowded in there. If your clothes don’t have enough space to roll and do whatever they’re doing in there, they won’t be clean, and you’ll have to wash them again.

Keep the appliance level

If you noticed that the washer is unsteady, you clearly need to balance it before the next time you use it. If it’s not even, the vibrations might cause damage, and the internal mechanisms might require repairs. If you can’t tell if the washer’s balance is off, pay attention to excessive vibration and noise, and make sure the appliance’s feet are steady on the ground.

You could also rock the washer a little bit back and forth by simply tilting it from one corner, and if you’re not sure, just use a level for more precision. There are various ways in which you can level the washer yourself.

You can simply adjust the front legs by hand so they are as stable on the ground as possible. Doing this will reduce the chances of letting your neighbors know when you’re washing your clothes.

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