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Which Are The Most and Least Expensive US Cities for Utilities?

Did someone say utilities? 

Retirement is slowly approaching, and you’re thinking about relocating? Or you’re here because you want to know which American cities are the least expensive when it comes to utilities? Either way, we’re here to help you! If you’re thinking about moving to a new location, there are many factors to consider, and one of the most crucial is the cost of utility bills given the current rate of inflation.

However, people frequently forget about these costs. The typical utility bill differs from city to city, so doing your research is a good idea before making a choice. These are the American cities with the highest and lowest utility costs. Cities with the most affordable utilities will be our first stop.

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1. Lafayette, LA

Moving to Lafayette might be a good idea, especially if you like warm weather throughout the entire year. Here, you won’t have to worry about paying a ton for utilities because the average winter temperature is around 55°F, so you won’t have to use your heating system more than necessary.

If this isn’t convincing enough, you should know that the average residential electricity cost in the Lafayette Utilities System is 9.09 cents per kilowatt hour, which is 35.62% less than the 14.11 cent US average rate. The average utility cost is $224.16, and the cost of gas is less than $30.

2. Springfield, MA

The full force of each of the four distinct seasons is felt in this northeastern metropolis. The good news is that because of how mild the climate is, the climate control system won’t have to work as hard.

However, the region is vulnerable to getting pretty snowy during the stormy season, which is a drawback for a lot of people who initially wanted to move in the area. But the prices for utilities here are pretty affordable; for example, the average gas cost in Springfield is $70.51, while the average electricity cost is around $150.00.

3. Portland, OR

If you decide to relocate to Portland, then you should know that the winters here aren’t that friendly, but compared to other cities, they aren’t that cold either. Instead, summers are pretty warm, and in the past few years, with climate change, they have become really hot.

Because most of the houses are insulated accordingly, citizens rarely overuse their cooling and heating systems, which results in lower utility bills. In Portland, the average expense of utilities is $261.63, and the average price of electricity is $118.66.

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4. Reno, NV

If you’re seeking a sunny and warm place even during the winter, then Reno is your place! And even if it gets pretty chilly, you won’t need to run the heating system more than it should. Locals recommend installing proper insulation, which might help you maintain the heat indoors as much as possible even after you turn off the heater.

And yet Reno still has some of the cheapest energy prices in the nation! For instance, the average cost of utilities in Reno is about $211.07, while the average price of energy is $104.16, and the average price of gas is only $47.97. This is fairly good, wouldn’t you agree? What are your thoughts on Reno?

5. Myrtle Beach, SC

Would you choose to live in a city but experience year-round vacation-like living? It can be like that in Myrtle Beach. You’ll spend less time indoors and more time cooling off by the water if you live in Myrtle Beach. And to top it all off, the winters are remarkably mild and temperate. In other words, your annual utility costs will be minimal.

For instance, the average cost of utilities in this location is $215.77, while the average cost of energy is roughly $161.33. Now that we’ve rounded up five of the least expensive cities, we’re moving on to some of the most expensive cities. Watch out!

6. Los Angeles, CA

I sincerely hope you don’t have high expectations for this city to be among the most affordable in the United States because you will definitely be disappointed! It is indeed a very nice and picturesque place, but if your budget is tight, you won’t want to live here for sure.

Residents of Los Angeles can experience a little bit of Mediterranean weather. Los Angeles residents enjoy pleasant, warm weather all year long, with temperatures that hardly ever fall below 50°F. Unfortunately, the high expense of living in the city also applies to utilities. In Los Angeles, the average cost of utilities is $283.64, and the average price of energy is roughly $139.16.

7. Houston, TX

Who doesn’t love Houston or Texas in general? Sunny weather and cool locals make us want to travel more to this part of the country. However, Houston isn’t the best place to live if your goal is to keep utility costs as low as possible. Because most of the year the weather is pretty humid and warm, most people use the AC pretty much year-round. And because of that, you will end up paying a ton of money for your electricity bills.

In Houston, the average expense of utilities is $240.15, and the average price of electricity is $165.16.

8. Chicago, IL

Citizens of Chicago have to deal with harsh winters with a lot of snow, particularly in the areas close to Lake Michigan. In the summer, the urban area is also vulnerable to heatwaves, especially on the hottest days when temperatures can go up to 83°F. Because of that, residents must constantly work their heating and cooling systems to the breaking point due to these weather changes.

In Chicago, the average cost of utilities is almost $238.69, and the average price of energy is $110.49. Have you thought about living in Chicago? Tell us in the comments.

9. Miami, FL

Do you love summer? If so, Miami is definitely a place you will love. However, this amazingly cool and warm weather might have some downsides. Because of the pleasant weather, you will probably need to keep your air conditioner on most of the time, which will result in high energy costs.

In Miami, the average expense of utilities is $218.97, and the average price of electricity is $160.05.

10. New York, NY

Last but not least is definitely New York, but you already expected that. New York has somewhat unusual weather considering that it is in the Northeast. The city is significantly helped to stay warmer in the winter by the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains. However, they also add to the summer’s high humidity levels, making it unbearable on some days.

The high expense of living in New York extends to utilities. And if despite this you’re still planning to move here, it’s a smart idea to search for apartments whose rent includes utilities if you’re trying to save money.

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