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Which Stores Have the Cheapest Home Furniture for You?

Are you looking for affordable stores to renew your home furniture? 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably encountered this scenario at some point in your life: You see some nice and fancy furniture, but the price for it is skyrocketing! And because you’re a savvy person, you step back from it, thinking, “I will probably find something else in another store!” That is accurate! In reality, the secret to shopping on a budget is to be cautious and look for materials that are strong enough to last more than a year.

Because we’re always here to help, we looked into a number of stores that sell low-cost furniture for all of your home’s rooms. Let’s go over them all together, and remember, they’re not listed in any particular order.

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1. Walmart

I bet you didn’t expect to see Walmart on the list! But we just had to mention this store, mostly because of its amazing prices. I bought one of my living room couches from Walmart a couple of years ago, and I’m still satisfied with the way it looks. Because I wanted to surprise my husband, I was able to put it together on my own, and it went together fairly easily.

Like Amazon, Walmart has a huge selection of products, including furniture. But compared to Amazon, where it’s only online shopping, here you can go to the closest store in your neighborhood to see the products with your own eyes. And if you’re lucky and you pick an item that has a 90-day return policy, you will have some time to decide if it’s suitable for you or not until you can give it back. But keep in mind that you can give it back only to the store where you bought the product!

However, if you’re not 100% sure of how this policy works, you can read all the details on their website.

2. HomeGoods

Unquestionably, this is one of my favorite shops! Why? Well, since the pandemic started, I became a huge fan of online shopping, and because of that, I was on a “hunt” to discover what stores have online deals directly on a phone app. HomeGoods is one of them! For items like chairs and garden furniture, you can find discounts of up to 60%. However, if you’re not a fan of online shopping you can still go to one of their stores, where you will be surprised to discover unique selections of furniture.

It’s doubtful that the identical item will still be available the following day, so be sure to grab it while you can. Additionally, don’t be afraid to approach a manager if you discover an item with minor flaws you can live with and ask for an additional discount (customers have been known to save between five and ten percent for items like little scuffs).

What I personally like about HomeGoods is that you can find a lot of name-brand items that are amazingly cheap compared to other stores. But what I don’t like is that you can pay $15 for handling and return shipping in case you don’t like the item you just bought. But I guess we can’t have them all!

However, despite this aspect, HomeGoods is definitely a place I would recommend to a friend.

3. Target

One of the stores that is widely known for having bargains on its items is Target. However, not so many stop here to look for furniture because most of their stores are basically so crowded that it’s a bit overwhelming to find something you like. If you’re looking to buy some cute, fancy, and colorful couches for your living room, Target should be your go-to place!

Additionally, customers looking for something more flamboyant or classic can choose from items in Target’s exclusive collaborations with companies like Jungalow and Hearth & Hand. In case your home is not that big and you’re struggling with finding proper furniture, don’t worry, because here you will find a lot of nice pieces that will fit perfectly in small spaces. And because I know you don’t like wasting time in stores, I am here to tell you that you can choose your favorite item from the website and then pick it up directly in the store you select in your neighborhood.

4. Amazon Rivet

Apart from the fact that their furniture is limited edition, which leads to sold-out products in a snap, I love buying from Amazon. If you’re looking for cheap furniture, Amazon is probably the best place to buy your desired items. They have a selection that includes cozy couches, bathroom cabinets, bar stools, and simple chairs. In case you’re looking to save even more money, search for items that have been used (second-hand furniture), which usually cost a few dollars less than the new ones.

You will have an advantage if you have an Amazon Prime account because you can benefit from faster delivery for small furniture items like tables, chairs, and storage bins. Awesome, right?

Are you looking for some nice and cozy bar stools? Amazon has a set of two that look gorgeous! Plus, they also have a bargain price. Catch this offer while it’s still hot! 

5. All Modern

If you’re looking for a store that will deliver your products within two days, All Modern is your place! This store is exclusively online, and it’s very intuitive to use for everybody, including elders. Here you can find products for all tastes, from fancy and chic furniture to basic home items. And if you haven’t yet decided what you need exactly, All Modern will definitely help you to. How? They have an extra cool feature that allows you to choose an image that you prefer, and the website is going to generate products that match your photo.

If you spend more than $40, you will receive free shipping, and in case you decide the furniture you bought is not really suitable for your room, you can return it within 30 days. Did you know about this store? Tell us in the comment section down below.

6. Overstock

Fast delivery option? Say no more! Overstock is here to help you find the perfect furniture for your home. Additionally, the majority of stuff is incredibly affordable, which is wonderful news. Now, we’re talking! In my opinion, this online store actually knows how to keep their customers happy. Besides having good prices, they also have a cute homepage display that redirects you to something called the “spin to win” feature. This feature allows you to click on it, and whenever the wheel stops, you can win a prize. In my case, I was the lucky one who got free shipping for my fancy table.

What I don’t like about this store is that the return policy can vary from one seller to another, so before doing that for your items and in order to avoid a headache, read the entire policy on their website or ask the customer service!

7. Etsy

Do you like unique pieces of furniture? Then you’ll fall in love with Etsy. If you love vintage furniture, Esty is a terrific site to visit and take a closer look at. The entire furniture category alone includes about half a million items. For people who don’t like eccentric furniture with a lot of intricacies, they offer minimalist pieces as well as modern and mid-century modern styles on their website.

You don’t plan on changing the entire furniture in your house? No problem, because here you can also find small accessories to upgrade your current piece. Isn’t that great? One small downside of this website is that shipping may vary between five and ten days. Sometimes more depends on the seller.

That’s it! These are the 7 least expensive stores from which you can buy or upgrade your furniture. Also, remember to share this post with your friends if you thought it was interesting!

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