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Florida Cities on a Budget! Live Only on $2,500 Per Month

Florida cities on a budget
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If you’re planning to retire but aren’t sure where to go, check out these Florida cities on a budget! 

How is your perfect vision of retirement? Florida is the best option if you’re hoping to find a tranquil setting with mild temperatures and beaches nearby. And if you’re worried about your tight budget, let me tell you a secret: It is possible to find Florida cities on a budget that are suitable for retirees.

A recent study revealed some of the best places in Florida where a person can live on a tight budget—even less than $2,500 per month. This sum includes groceries, utilities, healthcare, and the price of renting a small apartment. Additionally, with a national average cost of living of $2,626 a month, Florida provides some affordable areas that are also stunning.

So, dear readers, if you’re close to retirement, which cities would you consider moving to? Start by picking one from our list:

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47 thoughts on “Florida Cities on a Budget! Live Only on $2,500 Per Month”

  1. I live her and don’t know why anyone would want to move to Florida given the current political climate. But, if you are interested in losing your constitutional rights and be around schools that are dumbing down standards, come on!

        1. Yea… You’re probably right. FL is a Red State, but, If you Like Blue?
          California is taking people in!

    1. Wow!,,,your thinking (?) / conclusion is completed lopsided. I think you need to get your delusional head out of the sand. I live in Florida where “freedom” is embraced AND the constitution is NOT being threatened to take away our free speech, amongst other rights being threatened to be removed by the “powers to be; I could go on and on but need to get on with my “free” life while I still have it.

      1. I moved to Florida in 2001. The state has turned red in that time span. In my opinion it has gotten much worse—–freedoms have been taken away no protected—-Universities threatened to have a tunnel vision approach—-A woman’s most important freedom taken away—an culture war that intimidates the LBGQ —– an attempt to re-write history concerning slavery, by not permitting this topic to be taught in schools—–No media allowed at political briefs—-For DeSantis—and Rick Scott—-ZERO Transparency. Scott BTW should be in jail for defrauding medicare—-don’t forget he was found guilty, and got off on a technicality. Fiscally, insurance rates are triple the rest of the country, and no regulations have made lot fees for much of the elderly population too expensive for them to live where they live. The list goes on and on.

        1. Sounds like you need to take advantage of U Haul pricing and move out of FL at a bargain
          U Haul and others need you since one way moves into FL are 3-5 times greater than out migrations.
          They need you and like minded friends to drive their trucks and trailers north where demand is overwhelming

      2. Actually just the freedom to say certain words and check out certain books. Other than that, not much anti constitutional goings on in Florida.

      3. Freedom only exists as a social construct where oppression precedes. And you could be a little kinder. Differences of opinion are healthy and civil discourse gets us much farther than in your face comments

      4. Freedom is embraced? Really? Book banning’s, restrictive abortion rights, and the freedom to allow people in Florida to carry concealed weapons and firearms without background checks, training or a concealed license as well as the insane “Stand your Ground Law”. Freedom to have your child infected with measles because of your dopey Governor and incompetent Florida Surgeon General who believe it’s okay to send unvaccinated kids to school. This is what you call freedom?

      5. Ok if you call book banning, lack of women’s health rights and an all out assault on immigrants is freedom then I would agree that is where you belong!

    2. You sound like a real winner. Obviously, you’re one of the butthurt, anti America liberals that are in FL. Everything you said are 180° from the actual truth. Although, ones coming into FL from high cost states are negatively affecting the cost of living in FL. Housing costs have exploded in the past 4-5 years because of that. Otherwise, FL is a great place to live unless you want the degenerate side of the Democrat party to make the laws. If that’s the case, you’d be better served to pass on by. If you liked America before Democrat Socialism started destroying America, then, FL is a good place to be.

    3. It is a conservative God Fearing, Constitutional state for sure. If you don’t like that you may move to NY, IL or California. It is a blue state but is flush with marxist ideologies, high taxes, plenty of illegal immigrants, taking away your 1st, 2nd & 4th amendment rights gladly & all the crime you can take in. God Bless

    4. If it is as bad as you say it is, it says more about you than the state. Move to California now!!! You will fit in better there.

    5. I’m with you Elliot! Came here in 85. back then I thought Florida was more liberal and progressive than Alabama where I was born and raised. And back then it was, but boy has it gone to red hell all around.
      I never imagined I’d see the day of any place in the USA going backwards, baning books, not respecting the separation of church and state, but Florida seems to be running backwards!

    6. You mean in liberal, Marxist & socialist states. Florida is one of the freest states in the country. But that’s what you commie slime bags do. Take everything you do and persuade useful idiots that conservative states are doing it. Pound sand you sorry sack of crap!

    7. I hope you are not surrounded by people like the uninformed brainwashed, cult members happily marching in lockstep towards fascism in your state, like mist of the ones who answered you. I read there are a few pockets of thinking people left in Florida. Since they don’t believe in science, us normal thinking people will probably have to bail them out when they drown. Or maybe they will keep their blinders on. Hopefully they will let us save their kids.

    8. Exactly what right are you losing? Florida is great, except for the current insurance crisis. You can leave anytime.

    9. If you loose you constitutional rights it’s applicable in any city or state. Make things better.. protect democracy .. VOTE BLUE💙💙💙💙💙💙

    10. Elliott if you are not happy here you are free to leave . Florida is a wonderful place to live and we have a Govenor that makes sure it stays that way, so please feel free to move to California .

  2. We moved to Sebastian, Florida from NJ 16 years ago, and we are very happy here! We don’t miss the cold, icy, snowy weather up north!

    1. Hi Jack,
      Living in Florida for 16 years says something about the “climate” of the state. If it was that bad, you would have moved on long ago. You can’t please everyone, only yourself ! Glad you’re enjoying yourself though. Sounds like some aren’t happy and choose to live in “misery” rather than moving on. Enjoy the warm sunny days of Florida ! Beats the cold and snow of Wisconsin ! 🙂

  3. Really with that self entitled bad tempered Govenor. .Trump wanna be. Weird new laws being passed every day. Not progress but a return to the 1960s one piece only bathing suits and books being banned from libraries. If you can’t find a way to rise above the discrimination and thought police. ( money) stay away!. Its going to be 2/3 under water in 30 years anyway.

    1. In 1960, when I first started flying, the St Louis airport was 605 feet above sea level. Now, the airport is 605 feet above sea level. Miami airport is currently 9 feet above sea level. I’m going to count on you liberals to wake me up when the airport is only 5 feet above sea level so that I can move to Denver. Thanks to all of you climate warriors for doing all of the worrying for the rest of us. As for me, just as soon as it stops raining, I’m going to play another round of golf.

  4. Wow, can’t we all just get along in the land of the free. This is what upper management wants from us, separation. We need to ban together my friends, it’s the land of free opinion as well. Stay POSITIVE! If we took all of this energy and spun it around we could take management down.

  5. I live here and I don’t talk politics with no one. I barely wave at a neighbor. I go sit on the beach with my dog or watch a favorite on tv with the wife. I stay to myself because I got my own opinions and I realize that wasting time with an angry person is a waste of time. I enjoy the weather here for sure. There are great places to live on each coast. I’ve done them both. I stay to myself not out of being mean, but of staying out of the constant insanity on politics, race and religion. If you come to a point in your life when you finally realize we mean nothing to the people that run the show, you would feel better. Just live your life. I have very strong opinions on things having served my country honorably in the Army but I keep to myself. I’m just glad no one can read my mind. Honestly.

  6. Florida is a great place to live. I have lived here since my Parents moved us from Ohio in 1969. We raised our three children here and have six grandchildren now. All in the Great State of Florida. If you think this is such a bad place MOVE.

  7. we have lived in FL. FOR 15 YEARS AND WE WOULD NEVER GO BACK NORTH. We have a wonderful Govenor that has made sure our children are safe and got us through covid . we have one of the best places in the US to live. People that complain about FL.can always move to California.

  8. Walter John Hamilton

    I’m a 74 year-old New Englander who has twice visited Florida (aka “God’s Waiting Room”) and will never go back again! I fail to see the attraction of hurricanes and miserable, hot & humid weather. And let’s not forget that being anywhere in Florida is being way too close to that obese, orange oxygen thief residing at Mar a Lago. Marjorie Merriweather Post rest in peace!

  9. I thought this was about cost of living in Florida, looks to be just a political rant. I live here and have for 37 years, love it. Cost are up, used to be very affordable for seniors-not as much now, but still can manage if you have a home already.

  10. I lived in Florida for 5 years in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Nice people and affordable living. Some people find it too hot & humid, but I adjusted to it and I am currently looking to returns as I am now retired.

  11. Frederic M. Boxx

    Most of the people I know moved out of Florida. It’s been a study decline since the ugliness and death of Trayvon Martin. Then with the election of Ron DeSantis it has turned into a red neck paradise. Florida has always had a dangerous underbelly but it’s worse now. Those who stay are pretty much addicted to the 80% good weather days, financially strapped or trapped or too old to move. In this political climate you couldn’t give me a house in Florida. Maybe this will change but those currently in power will do absolutely anything to keep it.

  12. We have the best governor in the USA. Florida has 2nd Amendment rights, zero state income tax. Great place to live!

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