Wednesday, July 24

Worst 11 Ways to Spend Your Retirement Savings, According to Experts

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If you worked very hard to make all the right money moves for your retirement, then you’re probably one of the ten people in this country who actually did that. You’ve fully funded your 401(k) plan, you’ve used both IRAs and taxable investment accounts, your spending is exactly as it should be, and you feel ready to take the next step into retirement.

If you’re dreaming of retiring earlier, I totally get why, but I can’t help but pop the question: Did you prepare your funds for retirement or for retiring earlier? Because it’s a huge difference. Because once you retire, there’s also the risk of spending all the money that you’ve worked so hard for, and we wouldn’t want that. Here are some of the most important mistakes learned from other retirees that you should definitely avoid making:

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