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These 5 US States Lowered Their Costs of Living for Seniors

Did you know that these states lower their costs of living for seniors?

Whether you’re just curious to know more or you plan on moving elsewhere, you should know that a number of states have reached common ground lowering their costs of living. That’s pretty amazing news for seniors. Am I right?

You spent a lot of years working and working each day, paying your taxes, and putting money towards your retirement fund, and now you might want to relax, doze off, and enjoy the new stage in your life.

Groceries, utilities, and housing are pretty expensive, so it’s understandable that when a state lowers its living costs, everyone is happier. So that leads me to a question: how much does it cost to live in different states as a senior? Let’s find out together!

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5. Georgia

Georgia is one of the states that want to take care of its people, including seniors, so it lowered the taxes for its citizens. The cost of living in the state of Georgia is 11.4% below the national average, and the daily sum of money you save will quickly add up.

Atlanta is one of the cities that drives that number a little bit down, and its cost of living is 2% higher than average. However, seniors can be happy when they read the next thing on our list because, in other cities in Georgia, the cost of a happy and carefree living ranges from 8% to 17% below the average American city.

I know that you’re looking for facts and specific numbers and we’ll get there in a couple of seconds. The average house price in the state of Georgia is roughly $385,000, which is cheaper compared to the median home price in the US, which is approximately $415,750.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase a home, but you need a 2-bedroom apartment to rent, it will cost you less than $1,300, while the average apartment in America is almost $1,335. So if you’re a senior who’s looking for a way to save some money, Georgia might be a good place for you, especially if you love those beautiful sandy beaches along the Atlantic and those breathtaking Appalachian Mountains.

4. Alabama

Did you know that another state that reduced its living costs, which can make every senior out there happy, is Alabama? That’s right, the cost of living here is roughly 12% lower compared to most of the states in America.

The most affordable part of Alabama is the Anniston-Oxford area, and many seniors decide to move there thanks to the fact that the amount you will need to live is 17% below the national average.

If you think you’ll spend a lot of money in other parts of the state, that’s not right, because according to our research, Birmingham is the most expensive city in Alabama, and the cost of living is still 8% lower than the average.

And now let’s talk about numbers: the cost of average price for a cozy and beautiful home is $311,083, which is definitely more affordable, aka more money in your pocket, compared to the price of a home in other parts of the country. You’ll also save roughly $300 on your monthly rent since the price of an apartment is about $1,000.

Regardless of the city you choose to move in, if you’re a senior who’s looking for a place to retire in beautiful Alabama, you should know that this is quite a good spot, since it has plenty of beaches and forests, and it’s also the home base for NASA. So yes, it’s definitely a good one for seniors!

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3. Kansas

I can’t say that I know what you think about when you hear the magical word Kansas, but my thoughts go directly to one of my favorite stories since I was a little girl in primary school, which is “The Wizard of Oz.” If you want to remember your childhood, it’s definitely a good book. However, let’s save this topic for another article because today we’re interested in places where seniors can save money.

Speaking of that, the cost of living in Kansas is roughly 12.7% below average, and although the utility and health care costs are the same as the average ones in America, this state is well-known for its goods and services, which many people consider top-notch.

Another interesting fact about Kansas is that you typically pay approximately 10% less than normal for things like movie tickets and shampoo. Yes, I know that it might not sound like a fortune, but if you’re looking for easy ways to save some extra cash, every little cent helps.

Now let’s compare the housing prices, because that’s something that interests all seniors, right? Well, the median home price is $279,000, and the median rent for a month is around $1,050, which seems pretty good.

As for the things that a senior can do in the state of Kansas, there are many state parks and nature spots you can relax in, as well as museums, bars, restaurants, and other places where you could go and have a joyful night.

2. Oklahoma

Are you ready to head west, because Oklahoma is waiting for you?! In the colorful state of Oklahoma, the typical cost of living is 12% lower than it typically is in other places, and you’ll be thrilled to discover that if you want to make it big in rodeo, sports, or showbiz, that should be the place for you.

If you’re a senior who’s more into a slower pace of life and prefers to relax and enjoy some cozy and fun nights in the city, you should definitely give Muskogee a go because the cost of living is 21% lower compared to the average one. So do you know what that means? Your retirement fund is going to be VERY happy!

The median home price is $285,450, and for one month’s rent, you’ll have to pay around $1,040, so that’s definitely a state to consider. And let’s not forget that grocery shopping is also way more affordable here compared to other states in America.

Other than that, Oklahoma loves to celebrate its cowboy culture and the state’s Native American roots, so if these are two things that you also love, then start doing your research, because it might be exactly what you need!

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1. Mississippi

We’re finally at the top of our list! YEY! Mississippi, according to different experts, is the cheapest place to live in America. The cost of living is 15.6% lower compared to the national average, so this is amazing news for all seniors.

The median home price is approximately $274,750, which is a lot lower compared to the regular price for a home in the US. If you consider moving to Mississippi, you should know that the median monthly rent is around $1,035 for a 2-bedroom apartment, which is pretty good and affordable.

The state of Mississippi is popular for its extraordinary music and food, so if there are any seniors that love to treat themselves to some delicious foods, such as fried catfish and chocolate pies, and you also like to hear some amazing blues and rock ’n’ roll songs, Mississippi might sound like a dream for you.

However, if you think about moving to any of these states, don’t forget to read more about these states, so you can be 100% sure that you like it and that it’s the perfect fit for you.

Other than that, if you need any other tips on how to purchase all those fantastic things that you want and travel to those exotic and breathtaking places while still enjoying all those little pleasures and things in life, make sure you check out this book because it’s full of useful information that you can add to your life – and convince the members of your household – NOW!

If you’re looking for another amazing article, we have plenty more on our website, so check them out! Until next time, here’s something that you’ll like: Target, Amazon, and 10 Other Brands That Pay You for Old Things!

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  1. Great information to know. I was thinking of heading south — slower pace, less expensive than Chicago AND…they don’t have nasty winters. While traveling to the southern states on vacation, I noticed how nice the people are. Probably because it’s a slower pace of life which is just fine with me.

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