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These 7 Stores Will Pay You for Your Used Home Items

Stop right there! What were you going to do with that old jacket? Were you about to throw it in the trash? You don’t need to bother doing that because now you can easily turn your trash into treasure. Yes, you’ve heard it right!

Now, you might wonder how you can do that. Well, it is actually pretty simple. There are a lot of retailers who want to collect your old items no matter how deteriorated they are, and more than that, they even want to pay you for them.

And we are not talking only about clothes. You can easily get rid of that old, unsightly table in the garage or the TV you bought 9 years ago but are no longer using.

So stop throwing anything away and instead start searching for some old stuff in your attic, garage, or basement, and get ready to make a few bucks.

Here are some popular retailers that are more than willing to help you get rid of your old things and will pay you for them.

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1. Target

If you enjoy shopping at Target, we have great news for you. Have you ever heard about the Target Trade-In Program? If not, you should know that if you have any old electronics that lay around your basement or garage, you can send them to Target and they will give you gift cards that have store credit on them. You can use these gift cards to buy anything you wish from their store.

Also, you don’t need to physically go to the store and bring them the old items. Nope. You can ship them, and you don’t have to wait to get the money. On the same day that you make the delivery, you will get a PayPal deposit or a gift card with the money you receive on the items that you have traded.

A few of the things that you can trade in, as listed on their official website, are “mobile phones, tablets, wearables, MP3 players, video games and consoles, hearables (that integrate a speaker and microphones), and smart speakers.”

2. Best Buy

The first Best Buy store opened in Minnesota in 1966, and since then it has expanded to become one of the most well-known retailers that sell electronics and appliances. Most people like to shop at their stores because they have a large selection of items and a wide price range.

One thing that you should know is that Best Buy is literally paying you to upgrade your appliances and electronics. If you are curious about this, you should keep an eye on their Current Promotions page. The store has some nice trade-in deals, and you can get brand-new items by trading your old ones.

For example, right now you can save up to $500 on a new Sony camera or lens if you trade in a working interchangeable-lens digital camera or lens. You should also know that most of the deals are available in-store only.

3. Amazon

Amazon is a very popular store, and most Americans have purchased something from it at least once. But did you know that they also have a trade-in program? And the best part is that you don’t need a premium membership in order to access the program.

You can exchange various electric items, such as speakers, headphones, tablets, phones, and so on, for an Amazon Gift Card that you can use for shopping. You should know that you can use the gift card to buy anything from their store. You are not limited to only electronic devices.

If you want to find out what items are eligible for the trade-in you can check the Trade-in Store. Also, for step-by-step instructions, the help page has everything you need to know.

Usually, the main method to trade your items is through shipping, but certain Amazon devices can be traded in at some participating locations that you can find on their trade-in page.

4. Half Price Books

It is true that we talked about only electronics, but there are many other items that you can get rid of quickly and also make some money out of.

Take a look around your house. Try to find out what the things are that you haven’t used in more than a year. Bingo! That pile of books that sits on your shelves that you have read and now only collects dust.

If you are unsure about what to do with those books, you should know that there are many vintage and antique stores out there that would love to buy them. One of these stores is Half Price Books. And they don’t only buy books. You can also sell them old magazines, board games, CDs with music, or old DVDs.

5. Walmart

It would have been surprising if Walart didn’t make it to the list, isn’t it? This store is one of the most popular stores in the United States, and many people enjoy shopping there. And we can truly understand it. They have amazing deals, a large selection of products, and you can find them anywhere.

And like many other stores, they have their own retailer-sponsored recycling initiative, called Gadgets to Gift Cards. Through this program, you can trade tech items and receive store credit. You can trade your old phone, speakers, tablet, headphones, and many others.

If you wish to find out exactly how much your item is worth, Walmart has taken care of that, and you can check out the Gadgets to Gift Cards web page and get all the info that you need.

The process is simple. You ship them the item that you want to trade, and Walmart will send you an email with an e-gift card that you can use online and also in their physical locations.

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6. AT&T

AT&T is probably one of the largest telecommunications companies in the US. People like them for their reliable services and good-quality products. If you have any electronics in your home that you don’t use, consider trading them.

AT&T has a trading program in which you can give them your electronics and receive up to $200 or more in store credit. You can spend the credit on a brand-new phone or any other accessories that you might need, such as phone cases, headphones, screen protectors, and so on.

If you think that your old mobile phone is not in the best shape, you should know that AT&T will still take your device and recycle it.

7. Lush

In this article, we mostly presented programs that focus on the big things, like various electronics, appliances, and other household items, but the small things are also important and we should not overlook them.

For example, just think about all of the personal care products that you use. What happens with the packages? Are you throwing them away or recycling them?

If you have any products from Lush, it is your lucky day because the store has an incredible program that helps you recycle and also rewards you for the initiative. The 5 Pot Program will give you a Fresh Face Maks of your choice if you bring with you to the store 5 plastic containers from other Lussh products.

The black plastic containers are 100% made from recyclable material, and it would be such a waste not to take advantage of this eco-friendly initiative.

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