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Want a Luxury Vacation? Here’s How to Get CHEAP 5-Star Hotel Rooms

When was the last time you went on vacation?

With inflation currently on the rise, everything is more expensive than it was two years ago. So, because of that, you most likely decided to reduce some costs here and there. Well, most people are in the same position. And chances are that one category you’re sacrificing in order to save money is travel.

However, I’m here to give you some tips on how to make a well-deserved trip more achievable. It has become more difficult over the years to find a cheap hotel room. In fact, according to the statistics resource Statista, the average price for US hotel rooms has increased in the past few years, reaching $212 per night in January 2023.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable prices for a hotel room. There are many hotel savings tips that you can use to reduce even the wildest of hotel bills. Here’s how experts get hotel rooms at affordable prices with these 20 tips!

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1. Search for Coupon Codes

Hotels don’t usually provide coupons, said consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch. However, if you do some research, sometimes you can find coupon codes via third-party booking websites that will get you a cheaper hotel room.
For example, Coupon Sherpa offers a discount of 40% on eligible hotels at and a coupon of $20 for a $150 booking at HotelWiz.

2. Buy Someone Else’s Reservations

Most people don’t know about this awesome trick. allows you to buy other travelers’ reservations at a discounted rate, said Woroch. The website basically connects you to travelers with unwanted hotel room reservations they can’t cancel but are interested in selling and transferring at a discount.

Just to give you an idea of the great deals you can find there, the website offers discounts of up to 74%. Not bad, isn’t it?

3. Negotiate a Home Away From Home

According to money-saving experts, your best bet wouldn’t be when you book a hotel room, but when you’re reaching out to individuals who are renting out their vacation house.

For instance, if you find last-minute availability through HomeAway or VRBO, haggle with the owner for a lower price. He or she will be willing to negotiate in fear of losing the last-minute booking.

4. Ask for a Price Match

Price matches don’t apply just to Target shoppers. Although they may not advertise it, many hotels will be motivated to match a competitor’s better deal if you ask. This also applies to third-party websites.

According to saving-money experts, offers to equalize the price for travelers who find a similar hotel room at a better price. Book the room, then submit the lower-price link. Woroch said she does this because she earns a free night on after 10 days, so it’s definitely a win-win.

5. Stay Midweek

If your trip is flexible and you can avoid staying in the hotel on Friday and Saturday, you could end up saving some cash. That’s because many hotels provide a better deal on their hotel rooms from Sunday through Thursday.

As an extra bonus, the restaurants, spas, and pools will be less crowded and sometimes offer discounts.

6. Check Your Warehouse Club

This is another trick most people don’t know about. Sam’s Club and Costco sometimes provide deals on hotels for members. So, if you’re a member of a warehouse club, make sure you have a look at their travel site for hotel discounts and other deals on vacation package values.

7. Maximize Your Credit Card

Credit card holders often get exclusive deals that are quite attractive. We don’t say you should apply for a credit card just to get better prices on purchases, but if you already have one, it’s worth taking a closer look at what it can offer.

For example, MasterCard card members can receive an extra 10% off when booking a hotel room through via an offer posted on Coupon Sherpa.

8. Look for Inclusive Deals

It can be very frustrating to find an excellent hotel rate, only to see it increased by internet fees, parking fees, and even “resort fees.” According to saving-money experts, free Wi-Fi, parking, and breakfast are big perks to consider when comparing hotel rates, since those daily fees can quickly mount up depending on the length of your stay.

A family of four can save up to $40 per day by choosing a hotel with free breakfast, Woroch added.

9. Use Memberships to Save

Credit card users and warehouse members aren’t the only ones getting deals from memberships. If you’re an AARP, AAA, or military member, there’s a good chance that you could get a cheaper hotel room, too. For instance, Hilton Garden Inn gives 10% off for older citizens ages 65 and older and 15% off for military members.

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10. Download an App

If you’ve never used an app that offers deals on hotel rooms, you should give it a try. For example, the HotelTonight app aggregates available rooms at high-end hotels and offers cut-rate prices to users.

According to Woroch, sometimes you can find last-minute luxury accommodations at up to 70% off. That may make the breakfast buffet affordable again.

11. Buy Discount Gift Cards

Gift cards aren’t just for California Pizza Kitchen or Starbucks. On websites like, you can find gift cards at discount prices, and you can use them to make your hotel room cheaper. For instance, we found gift cards discounted by over 16% using the GiftCardGranny website.

12. Use Your Mileage

You’d be surprised to know that you can use your credit card’s airline miles for savings on hotel rooms, too. If you didn’t know about this trick so far and you have a credit card, read again about the benefits your card issuer is offering you.

Some credit cards earn you rewards to buy gift cards, which you can use toward a hotel room. So I guess the answer to the question, “What’s in your wallet?” would be, “A free hotel stay.”

13. Travel a la Carte

It may be assumed that any hotel will provide minimum features, such as a private bathroom, a queen- or king-sized bed, towels, and more. However, that’s not always the case in Europe, but it could work to your advantage.

According to savings experts Jeanette Pavini, many hotels allow you to spend less money for a “single” room, which often includes a twin bed or a shared bathroom. In fact, there are even budget hotels where you pay a low price and a la carte for extra features, like an in-room TV, towels, or daily housekeeping.

If the idea of a minimum accommodation doesn’t bother you, you stand to save a lot of money.

14. Choose a Business Hotel

Although business hotels don’t usually offer all the splashy and flashy amenities a resort does, they could help you save a bundle and use that money for other fun stuff you’ve planned to do while on vacation. Scuba diving and parasailing can definitely make up for a smaller pool in less than no time.

During the summer and on weekends, business hotels are usually slower, Pavini points out. Therefore, you’re more likely to find a good deal at these hotels if you book a stay during those off-peak times.

15. Check-in Late

Most people want to know if they can check in earlier, but here’s a trick you probably didn’t know: waiting until late in the day to register yourself at the reception could offer you a better hotel room for the same price.

As Pavini explains, once your hotel has checked in most of its guests for the night, they can better assess their vacancies and may be more open to upgrading your room for free.

16. Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees

When you book hotel rooms in foreign countries and use your credit card, you may have to face foreign transaction fees even before leaving the United States. That’s why saving money experts recommend knowing which credit card provides the lowest, or even better, no foreign transaction fee, and booking travel on that card.

Another option to avoid foreign transaction fees would be to book your hotel room via a third-party travel website where your money doesn’t need to be converted. Options like and Orbitz also have high-value coupon codes at

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17. Stay at an Aparthotel

Aparthotels are serviced apartments, usually found in Europe, that have a small kitchen. These may cost extra dollars upfront, but the amenities can eventually help you save some money. Moreover, they are listed on several travel sites that provide coupon codes.

For instance, a three-night stay in a highly rated aparthotel in Kensington, London, is $896 for a family of four, and the price includes taxes. If you use a coupon code for 15% that you can find on Orbitz, you bring the cost down to $784.

Additionally, if you’re a member of Orbitz’s loyalty program, you earn $23.53 in rewards dollars, which you can use to book travel on the next leg of your trip. That’s quite some money you can save!

18. Join a Hotel Loyalty Program

Like most businesses, hotels want to build customer loyalty, so they are willing to offer their loyal customers perks. For example, Best Western Rewards members can save 10% or even more and earn points that can be used to book a hotel room for free.

Loyalty rewards also work for third-party sites. For instance, if you head to the coupon code pages on, you can find that will offer you one night free when you book 10 nights through their loyalty program.

19. Look for Reciprocal Deals

Many airlines and hotels have point partnerships, but the chance to collect points doesn’t stop there. For example, Starwood Preferred Guests can currently earn one Starpoint for every dollar spent with Uber and two Starpoints for every dollar spent with Uber during Starwood Preferred Guest stays.

20. Sign Up for the Hotel’s Credit Card

Obviously, a hotel credit card may not have the best interest rate, but if you pay it off on time each month, you can still get some rewards. “Cardholders often earn an automatic upgrade to their loyalty status, which grants access to some great perks,” explained Lee Huffman, a travel expert.

The new status can help you score points much quicker, provided you use the hotel’s credit card to pay for your room. Some cards even offer you free nights when you spend a certain amount on the card or pay the annual fee.

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