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13 Things ALWAYS Worth Buying at Duty-Free Airports

How much can you save when you buy duty-free at the airport?

Duty-Free stores are exempt from paying certain local or national taxes and duties, making it probably one of the most loved shops by travelers. Shopping at the airport is advantageous, especially for items that are normally expensive, such as alcohol, perfumes, luxury brands, and cosmetics.

Americans can shop at Duty-Free whenever they leave the United States for more than 48 hours. It is impossible to board an international flight and not pass through the Duty-Free shop. It is usually placed strategically in spots that cannot be avoided. Technically, the placement made the shop become an integral part of the travel culture.

But how can we tell what’s worth buying and what’s a waste of money? Read on to find out!

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Is shopping at duty-free worth it?

Savings might not be as substantial but the shop creates the perception of getting the best deal. Shopping tax-free can make customers more satisfied with their purchases. We are going through a hard period when the money cannot be spent irresponsibly. So, while traveling and spending money away from home, it is a great opportunity to buy some products at a discounted price.

Below are 13 products you shouldn’t hesitate to buy from Duty-Free while traveling:

1 ) Last-minute souvenirs

Were you in a hurry and didn’t have enough time to search for some gifts for your loved ones? Don’t panic, you can find the best souvenirs at the duty-free shop!

It is a great idea to buy souvenirs from the airport because, in this way, you can store everything you bought in a safe place, in your cabin baggage, and don’t risk placing them in a risky spot where they can be damaged.

2 ) Coffee

Coffee is known for being more aromatic and delicious in South America and the Caribbean, so your destination can influence a lot of your duty-free purchases. If you are traveling in one of the countries that are popular for their coffee cultures, you’ll, for sure, need to buy some coffee for yourself and have the best experience. It can also be a special gift for a family member, a friend, or even your boss.

3 ) Perfumes

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The perfumes that cost 19,99 euros and are found in Duty-Free are best-sellers all around the world and, by far, some of the most enjoyed products. Not only their price but also their quality is really good, making them the perfect choice for any occasion. They can be a great gift, not only for our loved ones but also for ourselves.

Another good thing about Duty-Free is the opportunity to find unusually packaged perfumes in a lot of different sizes, making them a unique purchase.

4) Swiss chocolate

Swiss chocolate is very popular all around the world, and it is also considered one of the best. If you are traveling from Switzerland back home, a bar of chocolate would be a great way to enjoy the experience even more and, also, share it with your friends. Bringing back home local products from another side of the world is like extending your holiday, making the transition to everyday tasks easier.

5 )  Cigarettes and cigars

Duty-free shops always have promotions when it comes to cigarettes and cigars. The most popular one is buy two and get one for free. Considering the prices of these products at a normal city shop, it is a great deal if you purchase them from the airport. However, don’t forget to check what the maximum allowed quantity is. In some countries, you cannot get through police control with more than two cigarette packets.

6 ) Luxury cosmetics

Chanel, Estee Lauder, and MAC are some of the most popular brands that women are searching for while traveling. Who would refuse a foundation at a discounted price? Women spend a lot on makeup products, but they also LOVE the discounts. Basically, a good discount means an opportunity to spend the savings on something new.

7 ) Skincare

If we don’t properly take care of our skin while traveling, it can be affected. Flying can make your skin break out. One of the best skincare brands found at Duty-Free is L’Occitane. The brand has travel-sized products and also full-sized ones, allowing you to choose whatever suits you best.

8 ) Turkish delight

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If you are traveling to Turkey, for example, it is nearly impossible not to test Turkish sweets, especially the Turkish delight. It is a very popular dessert and can represent a beautiful gift for your friends and family, since it can be found in all kinds of interesting boxes, specially designed to make transportation easier.

The delight can be made of anything, but some of the most used products are roses, fruits, chocolate, pistachios, cocoa, and hazelnuts. Depending on your friend’s taste, you can personalize the delight, transforming it into the best gift from abroad.

9 ) Sunglasses

Have you forgotten your sunglasses at home? Don’t worry! You can find numerous fancy models at Duty-Free. Michael Kors, Prada, and Versace are some of the most searched-for brands. If it seems too expensive for you, the shop has a variety of offers, and you can also find no-named brands at a very good price.

10) Jewelry

Do you want to propose? Or have a romantic getaway with your partner, but you didn’t have time to buy a gift for her? That is not a problem. Swarovski’s newest collections are waiting for you at the airport. You can find necklaces, rings, and bracelets at a tax-free price and the best part is probably that your girlfriend will never know how much you paid for her gift. Isn’t that amazing? The Swarovski points can be lifesavers, contributing to making the trip more memorable.

11 ) Electronics

If your battery is dead or your iPods aren’t charged, the electronic part of Duty-Free is all you need. There, you can find whatever you wish, such as headphones, tablets, chargers, memory sticks, etc.

If you are going to have a long flight, maybe a transatlantic one, you should check your electronic devices before boarding and make sure they work properly. For some of us, the anxiety we get from flying can be kept under control just by keeping our minds busy while enjoying a movie or playing a game on our iPads.

12 ) Bath and Body Works products

Bath and Body Works is known for its soups and sanitizers. They can represent a nice gift for your friends and family, or you can purchase them in case you forget your body care products at home. These products are well-known for their quality all around the world. Buying them at a discounted price at the airport is an amazing deal!

13 ) Alcohol

Most of the Americans who are traveling are making sure they buy alcohol from the airport. It can be purchased at an amazing price, with the discount being really high, arriving at almost 30%.

Liquor is probably one of the most common purchases when it comes to alcohol. Connoisseurs of scotch will likely come away with two or three bottles at far cheaper prices than back at home.

Women, no matter their age, are usually OBSESSED with shopping at the airport, considering the number of luxury brands they can find there. Brand bags, makeup products, and perfumes are some of the duty-free products they love most. Even though men don’t enjoy shopping as much as women, they can also find a variety of products at the airport shops, making their travel experience better.

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Before you leave, make sure you don’t forget to write us in the comment sections about what you usually purchase from Duty-Free while traveling.

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