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Target, Amazon, and 10 Other Brands That Pay You for Old Things

Instead of tossing and throwing away your old stuff because you don’t use it anymore, why don’t you try to sell it for some money?   

I know this might sound like a cliché, but it’s not! I promise you that by the end of the article, you will learn some tips about how you can get some money for your old things. And I bet some of them will be quite a surprise.

Did you know that no matter how damaged they are, plenty of retailers are eager to accept your used goods and will even compensate you for the inconvenience? By minimizing trash, this not only benefits the environment but also offers the potential for some quick money. After reading the article, get ready to start searching through your old stuff, because we’re about to reveal which retailers are ready to offer you a lot of money!

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1. H&M

H&M became even greater in the past few years. They have a lot of items that are eco-aware at very affordable prices. Plus, their recycling program is brilliant! You can actually save money by using your most recent downsizing or spring cleaning activity. You will receive 15% off your subsequent in-store purchase for every bag of desired clothing that you donate. Wow! That is indeed something.

And the good news is that, whether or not you purchased things from them, you can still enter the textile recycling program. H&M accepts all sorts of things, whether they’re roughly used or still in good condition.

2. Best Buy

Are you aware that Best Buy is basically paying you to replace your old electronics? Everything may be recycled for free at participating Best Buy locations, including dishwashers, vacuums, and digital cameras.

Check the company’s Current Promotions page before you leave to learn more about the top trade-in offers. For example, you can currently save up to $700 on a new Samsung Galaxy by exchanging an obsolete model, or you may receive $100 off an Olympus camera when you trade in an old (but functional) interchangeable-lens digital camera. Now that’s a good deal, especially if you’re an amateur photographer!

3. Target

…aah, Target! Who knew that besides having some awesome deals and great products, Target will also “collect” some of your old things? If you’re looking for an excuse to ask your partner to go on a shopping spree at Target, now you have it. In case you have at home some unused old electronics (no matter if they’re functional or not), like headphones, smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, or wearables, bring them to Target. This program is called “Target Tech Trade,” and there is no doubt everybody loves it. In exchange, you can receive a gift card full of credit that you can use in the store.

I guess this is a win-win situation you can’t refuse! Please keep in mind, though, that you must read all of the program’s instructions, which are available on their website.

4. Amazon

You always wanted that Prime membership, but you thought it was too expensive for your budget. But don’t worry, because you can still save a lot of money on your next purchase on Amazon. They offer a nice deal: you can give them an old electronic you don’t use anymore in exchange for a gift card that you can use on their website whenever you want to buy something nice.

It is advised to visit the program’s website to find out how much you may earn for your used tablets, Bluetooth speakers, Kindles, and other devices because they frequently update it. The payments will be deposited into your account by Amazon when you package and send your things using a pre-paid shipping label.

…psst and if you’re still not 100% sure on how to sell your things on Amazon, here’s a nice guide that’s definitely a bargain. And in my case, this book was pretty useful. I have mine on Kindle!

5. Walmart

Similar to many other recycling programs provided by retailers, Walmart’s Gadgets to Gift Cards program will accept old smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, voice-activated speakers, and other electronic devices in exchange for store credit. To find out the value of your gadgets, visit the Gadgets to Gift Cards page. When you send the items with a pre-paid packing slip and accept the offer, Walmart is going to send you an e-gift card for the amount of your things.

Isn’t Walmart amazing? And if you like Walmart as much as we do, check out this article with the 12 things that are usually cheaper at Walmart.

6. Microsoft

Do you have an old laptop that you no longer use? Before throwing it away, stop by the closest Microsoft store in your neighborhood, where you will receive a totally free evaluation of your gadget. If they accept your current device, you’ll receive a discount on an upgrade to a new Microsoft gadget. And don’t worry about the items that can’t be sold anymore. For example, because the iPhone is one of the items that you should never dispose of in a recycling container, Microsoft will properly recycle it for you.

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7. Poshmark

When it comes to old clothing, a lot of people prefer to donate them instead of selling them. However, if you decide you want to earn some cash by selling them online, Poshmark is probably the best opportunity. Simply take a few pictures (but make sure they are high-quality) of them, carefully upload them to the website, and after that, decide for how much you’re going to sell them. Some members of Poshmark are also interested in exchanges, so it’s up to you if you want to swap for a nice pair of brand-name jeans.

If you’re fortunate and have plenty of old things that you no longer wear and want to sell, it might even become your full-time job; I’ve heard a rumor that some of the best sellers on Poshmark claim to earn up to $100,000 annually.

8. Levi’s

Compared to the others, this one is a little more precise because only denim pants purchased from one of their locations are redistributed through the Levi’s Second Hand program. Depending on the year of manufacture, quality, and original retail price, you can trade in your good-condition, no-longer-worn Levi’s jeans, denim shorts, or trucker jackets for money ranging from $5 to $35 per item. Make sure to visit their website for additional information about how trade-ins operate.

9. Patagonia

It’s been almost 18 years since Patagonia’s Worn Wear program started. This brand is so dedicated to the environment and reducing waste that you can bring almost anything you bought from them in exchange for store credit. You can earn between $10 and $100, depending on the item you bring.

Visit their website for more savings, where you can get Patagonia clothing at much more affordable prices. You’re not really ready to let go of a cherished but broken Patagonia item? Don’t worry because they’ve got your back! Visit one of their regional gatherings to get it fixed and pick up some advice on how to handle simple fixes in the future.

10. Half Price Books

No matter how much I treasure and love all the books that I have in my personal library, I am aware of the fact that more than half of them I won’t read anytime soon. If you’re like me and you love your books but you still want to make some extra money, Half Price Books is waiting for you! And besides paying quite a few dollars for all the old books, they are also interested in buying old magazines, DVDs with movies, cassettes, original old CDs, and even old board games that were a hit back in the day.

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