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Hurry Up! These 8 US Hotels Offer Senior Discounts NOW

Did you know that after a certain age, you can qualify for extra discounts at certain hotel chains?

Since we are approaching the golden years, it is time to turn our attention toward traveling. However, no trip is complete without a hotel booking, and this is where some seniors may be hitting the first bump in the road. It is known that a lot of people are looking forward to retirement because it will give them the chance to live how and where they would want to, and a lot of them are also ecstatic at the idea that they can travel as much as their hearts desire. Yet, the problem can end up being how much hotel fees can rack up.

Do not worry! More accommodation chains are ready to house seniors and retirees at discounted prices than you would believe. These hotels make sure that even those who are 50 and older can take advantage of these discounts, and you can easily travel on a budget if you decide to take advantage of these offers. It can be a bit tricky to search for such discounts and benefits yourself, especially if you do not know where to look, so that’s where we come to your aid!

We have gathered the big-name chains and motels that offer all types of discounts to what they believe to be senior travelers and added to the mix two memberships that are going to give you even more perks than the chains you may be looking at!

If you are looking to plan your vacations in advance, make sure that you check out our list so that you can get the best prices for the rooms of your choice!

Let us know which one of these benefits made you the most excited in the comments!

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Motel 6

If you like to travel on a budget and do not mind not being in an actual hotel, then you may choose to stop at a motel. After all, if they are not those shady-looking ones on the side of that deserted road, then you will be able to find reasonably priced and clean accommodation.

If there is a chain of motels that is very well known across the United States, then it is Motel 6! Owned by a hospitality company, this chain of budget motels is the one that comes to most of our minds when we think about stopping at a motel. And if you are planning a longer trip and you have to stop at a motel on the way, where you may only want a clean place to lay your head down and rest after a day of traveling so you can be fresh for the next day, then this place is your gold mine!

The good news is that once you turn 60, you will be eligible to get 8% off the best rooms Motel 6 may have available at that location! It is not a huge amount, but it is still a discount that helps you save a few bucks, so we will take it!

Wyndham Hotel Group (multiple brands)

The hotels that are part of this group may not even come to mind when you think about them. However, Wyndham is a huge American company that not only describes itself but is also proud of the fact that they are the biggest franchisor for the hospitality industry in the world, especially when it comes to room renting. You have probably been housed in one of their hotels without even knowing! And they come with the perk of having a ton of locations available, not only in the United States but also abroad!

Their special senior benefits include better rates at the best rooms that are available at the time you are booking them, but only for the participating Wyndham locations. So you will have to check beforehand and make sure that they do offer the senior discount. If you have already turned 60, you will have no problem accessing it if it is available at the location you have in mind.

The hotels that you could be lucky enough to carry the discount from their extensive catalog include hotels such as Esplendor, Trademark, Ramada, Days Inn, Travelodge, and Howard Johnson, just to name a few of them. If you are set on making use of this benefit, make sure you check in advance!

Choice Hotels (multiple brands)

Another one of the multinational hospitality companies, Choice Hotels International, has a multitude of brands but still strives to keep its American spirit alive. While they are similar to the other big hotel chains we have mentioned, they do have the added benefit that their range is pretty vast despite their relatively low number of chains when compared to others. They do have 12 brands, so if the location you are planning to visit on your next vacation does not include reasonably priced rooms at the other chains, Choice Hotels may have you covered.

Like the other two we have mentioned before, once you have turned 60 years old, Choice Hotels will reward you with a senior benefit, and you will be able to get a discount when you book your rooms in advance. The discount will be 10% for the room, and depending on which type of accommodation you have chosen, it can save you a pretty penny, especially if you end up staying for multiple days!

Some of the names that may ring a bell are Econo Lodge and Quality Inn, but they also have some other economy and upscale brands as well.

Best Western Hotels & Resorts

You cannot miss a huge hotel chain like Best Western, and sometimes you may not even want to miss out on the offers they have. They are another huge international chain, and you will be able to find some pretty good deals for their rooms from time to time. If anything, when you are traveling to another location you are not familiar with, it may be best to see something familiar, like a hotel you already know from home.

And since Best Western also operates under the franchise model, they license the name of hotels so that they can be operated internationally under the conglomerate at the same standard as the ones you know and love.

When it comes to what benefits they offer to seniors, Best Western may be the hotel that wins the most points so far when compared to the other three we have presented. They have the best age threshold you have to meet and the best deal for getting rooms at their locations. You only have to have already turned 55 to be able to access the deal, and the discount is going to be 15%, which is the highest one so far! There may be fine print somewhere, but from what we could see, this deal is offered for all Best Western rooms.

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Castle Resorts & Hotels

Let’s be honest, it is on most Americans’ travel bucket lists to end up visiting Hawaii. And what better moment to do it than when you have already retired and can spend your fund in a calculated manner? We know it is a pretty expensive trip, but sometimes we have to give in and enjoy all that the Aloha State has to offer. You cannot tell us that you have not been thinking of the amazing scenery, splendid sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters!

Not to mention that you can always have the best of both worlds when visiting Hawaii; you can have your relaxation oasis and you can take the time to visit and explore the island respectfully. For some, it is a once in a lifetime vacation, and to help you, we have the best deal on our list to go with it!

You probably have not heard of Castle Resorts & Hotels, but that is because they are specific to Hawaii and have one of the biggest resorts there, along with hotels, vacation rentals, and condominiums that are spread out around the islands!

And if you have already turned 55, you can take advantage of their special savings offer! And when compared to other chains on our list, this one is the best deal you will ever find! They offer 25% off on all their best available rooms, so if you have been thinking of a vacation to the Aloha state, we say there is no time like the present!

And if you are going to be looking into what Hawaii has to offer you as a vacation destination, we suggest you read about it in this amazing travel guide!

Marriott Hotels (multiple brands)

The Marriott brand is another one that you cannot help but recognize instantly. And for good measure too! Marriott International is a behemoth of a company in the entertainment industry when it comes to accommodations of all kinds. as they have a portfolio that encompasses 30 brands that stem from over 139 territories and countries, and they deal with anything you could imagine in the hospitality industry: from franchises and licenses for hotels and lodging facilities, all the way to residential and timeshare properties!

There is a chance you have stayed at a Marriott hotel before, be it an actual one or one of their other brands that are just as famous. They are known as mid- to upper-luxury hotels, and they offer amazing services that come with a price tag that not everyone is prepared to pay. Yet, for seniors, they do offer some special benefits, which are a bit limited when compared to other hotel chains on our list but still worth checking out if you wish to give them a try and you do not have a large party.

For people aged 62 and over, they have a special senior discount program that is specific to their brands, and to access it, you will have to show proof of age (an ID or diver’s license) when you check in. The special rates will only be available for up to two rooms per night for every eligible guest who meets the age requirements.

Some of the hotels that you may find carrying this program include Westin, the Fairfield Inn & Suites, Courtyard Hotels, and Sheraton.

Omni Hotels & Resorts

If you are someone who appreciates high-end hotels, then you may have heard of or even looked into Omni Hotels and Resorts before. They are a privately held American company, and they operate luxury hotels internationally. They do not work as a franchise, so you know that all their locations are operated exactly the same, and they are known to have great reviews and amazing services.

They’re so good that sometimes people wonder if they are owned by other hospitality conglomerates such as Marriott or Hilton, but they are actually completely privately operated by their own company. You may have heard of them back in the day, as they first opened their doors in 1958 under the name Sunfey Hotels, only for them to rebrand later when they gained more momentum.

Since they are a luxury chain, you may be thinking that the prices are going to be out of reach for more retirees. However, for guests that have celebrated their 55th birthday, Omni offers specially made senior rates at some of their locations, so you can always give them a shot if you are still looking for accommodation. What’s more, if you are 100% sure, you may also book the rooms at prepaid senior rates that will be non-refundable but will offer even bigger savings.

If Omni Hotels sound like they could be on your radar, know they have locations in the United States, Mexico, and Canada only.

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AARP member discounts

You can never know how society evolves, but it has been proven that nowadays, 50 is the new 60! And we do not mean that people think you are old and retired at the age of 50, but rather that you can join the American Association of Retired Persons organization even if you have not yet reached retirement age. You can join them even if you are younger than 50, but you will not be able to take advantage of all their discounts and benefits. And believe us, you will want to, especially if you are looking for hotel discounts.

If you are a travel lover, you will no doubt think that it is worth paying the annual membership, especially since it is only $16 and the benefits you will get and the total savings are going to be well over those sixteen bucks.

With the membership, you will be able to access a dozen hotel discounts, some of which would not offer you discounts otherwise, and some that already have their own senior package. This includes some of the chains we mentioned earlier, but the AARP membership has the best perk: you can access the senior discounts even if you do not meet the age requirements they have put in place for those packages. All thanks to membership, and hotels aren’t the only place where you will be able to get these. Check out their site for a full list of all the discounts they offer!


The brevity stands for the Association of Mature American Citizens, another membership-based organization that is focused on people aged 50 and older. They are similar in that way to the AARP, but the discounts and benefits they offer are different, so you should look into both of them to see which one would be best suited for your needs.

AMAC’s membership is special because it offers benefits that deal specifically with discounts related to travel needs, including the accommodations we are focusing on here. Their list is not as long as the AARP’s, but they do include some of the partner hotels that we have already mentioned: Red Roof, Wyndham, and Motel 6.

Since these partnered venues also have their own types of senior discounts, it is good to compare if it is worth getting the membership or not. And, if you are under the age the hotels’ state as a threshold for the discount qualification, the membership may be the one giving you some dollars!

And if you’re like us and you love discounts, check out these grocery stores where you will find the best price deals!

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