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Get These Nutritious Costco Foods for Less Than $10

Do you wonder if Costco has healthy, nutritious, affordable foods?

It is indeed true that you can find affordable, healthy choices at Costco. The simple trick is to make sure that you know what to choose and how to shop smart. After all, it is very easy to get sidetracked when you are shopping at Costco, with all their great deals, and all of us want to make sure that the price we paid for that membership is worth it.

However, when trying to be more health conscious about our diets and when we try to not eat too much junk food, it can sometimes feel like we are paying way more for healthy foods. This is not the case at Costco! There are a lot of amazing food choices here that you can get so that not only are you getting a huge bang for your buck, but you are also staying on top of your health.

To make sure that you are not getting too tempted by those snacks and huge tubs of goodies, we gathered the most affordable, versatile, and great options that you can add to your grocery runs in order to live your best life.

As long as you are organized, you can definitely achieve the best of both worlds! Here are our recommendations for the best affordable and nutritious foods you need to get at Costco!

Let us know in the comments which are your choices and why to help your fellow frugal friends!

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Organic frozen fruit

You can do a lot of things with frozen fruit, but the most common and preferred way to consume them is by using them in smoothies. And we cannot deny the fact that they’re a healthy way of adding some sweetness to your life! You can also use them for baking, add them to your yogurt or granola, or even add a few to your water or lemonade! The world is your oyster when it comes to using frozen fruit; you just need to be creative!

Now, Costco has an amazing selection of organic frozen fruit that you will not want to miss out on. They’re at most around $8; you can even get them for as little as $6, and they come in three- and five-pound bags. The selection is amazing, no matter if we are talking fruit or vegetables. However, the fruits are definitely the stars of the show.

Some of the best choices out there are the frozen berries (with a special shout-out to the strawberries and wild blueberries), along with the more exotic choices of pineapple and mangoes. You can also find mixes, but for the price they are, you can just pick and choose your favorites and mix and match them to your liking without having to run the risk of getting bored with a specific flavor!

Old fashioned oats

Speaking of frozen fruit, they work amazingly when you add them on top of oatmeal. Whether you prepare it the morning of or you are more into overnight oats, this breakfast meal (or even lunch or a snack if you want) is going to be filling, delicious, and a lot healthier than if you ate a fast-food sandwich (no shame, we all like one from time to time).

The main ingredient in this breakfast item is old-fashioned oats, and Costco’s got us covered with great prices and an amazing brand as well. You can find Quaker oats at Costco, and they are simply great. You can get them in a huge box, which is bound to last you in your pantry for up to a year, even if you are not using them every day. Just make sure you are using an airtight container for storage.

Otherwise, they’re inexpensive for the amount you get and very versatile, as you can also use them for oat bars and other healthy deserts as well!

Organic dates

Since we talked about frozen fruit, we cannot forget about the other types of fruit you can find at Costco either. In the end, fruit is the best way to eat a snack that is both going to be filling and also be sweet and satisfy any cravings without being too bad for your health. It’s always good to make sure you are also eating fruits as part of a healthy diet.

Dates are a great snack that is both nutritious and healthy, as well as delicious, but that most people end up overlooking. Not only are they filled with fiber or potassium, but they are also packed with natural sugars, so you will not need to add any sweeteners to them. You can use them as sweeteners in a ton of recipes instead of processed sugar, and you can even eat them as snacks along with some almond butter.

Costco has amazing deals for dates, be it that you choose to get them from the produce section (look for the Medjool dates) or you prefer the bagged variety as they have a longer shelf life and are sold for the same price but come in a bigger packet. For the bagels, our favorite, affordable choice are the organic Deglet Noor ones.

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Organic bananas

We cannot deny that bananas may just be the most popular fruit in America! We know people also love apples and other fruits, but when it comes to versatility, taste, and price, you cannot compete with the good old banana.

At Costco, you can snag some of these for a bargain, so next time you are at the wholesale warehouse, make sure you do not pass them by! You can get the organic variety for as little as $2 for three pounds!

They’re going to last you a while, and you can definitely use them for all kinds of things, from a simple snack to using them in baked goods, smoothies, oatmeal, and so many more! Just be creative!

Costco Signature ground Saigon cinnamon

It seems like an unlikely candidate for a nutritious food, but hear us out! It is a super versatile spice that you can use in both sweet and savory dishes! Not only that, but a lot of people turn to cinnamon when they are trying to cut down on refined sugars or even just sweeten dishes in another way.

The best type of cinnamon is the one that is smoky and a little bit sweet, without having that burnt taste! And the one that meets all of these criteria is the Kirkland brand. It is inexpensive when you look at the whole picture, and we guarantee that it will be able to elevate any oatmeal, smoothie, shake, and even new dishes and baked entrées!

Just don’t throw yourself into getting the biggest container out there right off the bat!

Almond butter

If there is a cult favorite among the products on our list when it comes to eating healthily, then this one meets the criteria. It’s super affordable and delicious, and you can buy it in bulk! And the best thing yet is that the Kirkland brand of this delicious treat only contains one ingredient: almonds! No need to worry about it having a ton of additions like other almond butters, which generally have oil, salt, and sugar added! Costco is truly making sure that you stay healthy and happy!

And you can use it as a nutritious addition to your diet! You can replace your peanut butter with it for sandwiches or add it to oatmeal, smoothies, or shakes. Or you can pair it with the earlier mentioned dates for a quick and absolutely delicious snack!

You do not have to shop at Costco in order to have a healthy diet! However, there are certain stores that you should definitely keep away from since, according to customers, they are just the worst!

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