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NEWS: 6 US Grocery Stores With The Biggest Discounts

It’s Saturday morning, and you decide to do your shopping. A quiet weekend morning is the best time to do your groceries. You enter the store and look around for all the items you need. Eggs, milk, and meat – everything is more expensive today. You could swear that they used to be cheaper the last time you went shopping.

According to a GOBankingRates survey, 42% of Americans say rising food costs have put more financial strain on them in the past year. Inflation has driven up many prices, and some products you used to buy every day can now cost twice as much.

The surge in grocery bills made many shoppers think about strategies that can help them buy the things they need at lower prices. They tried everything that was possible: buying store-brand items instead of name-brand ones, clipping coupons, or limiting their shopping list to the bare essentials.

Thankfully, many chain supermarkets have discounts and promotions that are designed specifically for you and your needs. Read on and find out which stores have the biggest discounts.

1. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s was founded in 1958 and was initially called “Pronto Market.” There are over 500 stores in the United States, and people like to shop there. In fact, according to dunnhumby’s 5th Annual Retailer Preference Index, Trader Joe’s ranks seventh. So the neighborhood grocer is indeed a popular choice.

When you enter their store, you will notice something rather unusual. There are no branded items. And if you find any, there are very few of them. Traded Joe’s focuses on its own label. They sell everyday basics such as household essentials, frozen food, and baked goods.

Another thing that makes this retailer different from others is that it has no coupons, no sales, and no loyalty programs. You may now be asking yourself, “Why is this store on a list of markets that have the biggest discounts?”

Their strategy is simple: they do everything they can to buy their products directly from suppliers and bargain hard to get the best price possible. The lower the price at which they buy their products, the lower the price you see on the shelf. It is that simple. Every penny they saved is a penny you will save.

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2. Aldi

In the beginning, it was a small German supermarket. Today, you can find Aldi stores all across the United States. From California to the Midwest and Northeast, Aldi is present in 38 states, and the company is expanding rapidly.

Aldi has always been an all-time favorite for Americans, and on dunnhumby’s 5th Annual Retailer Preference Index, it ranks in sixth place. A respectable position, we would say.

But what makes this store so popular? First of all, they have a wide inventory of private-label products. You can find copycats of the most loved items that are almost identical to the original. Kerrygold Butter? You have an Aldi version that is fantastic. Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips? You have the Kirkwood Crispy Chicken Strips, which are as good as the original.

Another thing that makes Aldi one of the favorites is their amazing discounts and excellent prices. Besides staples like milk, meat, cheese, and eggs, you can buy many other household basics, such as brand-named shampoos, gourmet chocolate, or multivitamins.

3. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a popular choice with bargain hunters because all of its products cost $1 or less. Sometimes the price can be higher for larger quantities or special deals. Also, the chain is huge, with over 15,000 sites in the US and Canada. You can find a Dollar Tree in any state, and many of them are in rural and suburban areas.

The retailer sells household items, cleaning products, party supplies, and decorations, but you can also find food and snacks. You can find a wide range of pantry staples, such as pasta, rice, spices, and canned goods. Most of their items are exclusive, and the only place you can find them is in their store.

If you want to purchase your groceries on a budget, Dollar Tree might be a good choice since they have a large variety of items at more reasonable prices.

4. H-E-B

It all started as a small family business with its first store in Kerrville, in the Texas Hill Country. Nowadays, H-E-B is one of the biggest retailers in Texas and Mexico, with more than 420 stores and over 145,000 employees.

H-E-B is a really popular choice for shoppers, and it is in second place on dunnhumby’s 5th Annual Retailer Preference Index. The store has steep discounts on every product that it sells, be it bakery goods, frozen foods, cleaning products, or everyday essentials.

Their strategy to keep the costs low is to try and buy everything food-related from local producers. They are searching for the best possible price, and in this way, they can sell it to you for a price that is lower than the average.

Bonus: If you go to H-E-B to get your groceries, you’ll get a free tortilla snack.

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5. Costco

Costco was founded in 1976, and now it has over 800 warehouses in 12 countries around the world. The retailer has a membership-only approach. That means if you want to shop in their stores, you have to pay for an annual membership. But hear us out: that membership is worth every penny.

The big-box retailer is known for its low prices and great deals, which makes it a very popular destination for grocery shopping. It is true that you have to buy in bulk, and this can be a drawback sometimes, but for household basics, this should not be a problem, especially when you can purchase the items for a great price.

Another thing about Costco is that they have their own brand called Kirkland Signature. Under this brand, you can find anything from food and household items to clothes and electronics. And obviously, all of them come at lower prices than their brand-name counterparts.

If you have no idea what to cook next, this book has many amazing recipes that use only Costco products.

6. Market Basket

If you take a look at dunnhumby’s 5th Annual Retailer Preference Index, you will see that Market Basket ranks third. The supermarket chain can be found only in the Northeastern United States and has locations all over New England, including Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Market Basket was founded in 1917 by Greek immigrants Athanasios and Efrosini Demoulas and is now one of the most appreciated stores in New England. They have a lot of good-quality products, especially meat, and vegetables.

The retailer has a unique business model that focuses on keeping all of its costs as low as possible and passing the savings on to its customers. At the moment the business runs debt-free, and they don’t increase the price of their products in order to cover the interest on the debt.

That’s what made them famous. If you’ve ever shopped at Market Basket, you probably know their “More for Your Dollar” tagline. And you know what? It is actually true. You can really save some bucks if you do your groceries here.

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