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Are You a Costco Member? Claim These 8 Things for FREE Now!

Are you a Costco member?

Costco is one of the most popular retailers in the world, with millions of people purchasing from them each day. It was first opened in 1976 in Seattle, Washington, and it’s been one of the people’s favorites ever since.

Many customers do their grocery shopping at Costco thanks to the fact that they can buy in bulk, which means that they can save money and enjoy their products for longer periods, but some people decided to take it a step further and become members to save even more.

Even though a membership program is not free, there are some things that you can take advantage of. Whether it’s free stuff or discounts, make sure you check out their offers, especially if it helps you get more for less in the long run.

If you’re one of the retailer’s members and want to put your hands on a couple of freebies, this article is for you! Let’s take a closer look at all those amazing things that won’t cost you a dime, thanks to your membership fees.

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1. Free grocery delivery

Do you need to restock your pantry or your freezer? Well, instead of getting ready to heat the store, find a parking lot, go through the aisles, and then come home and carry all of your bags inside, you can get the most out of your membership by saying yes to the free grocery delivery.

If you spend $75 or more, this giant retailer offers free 2-day delivery for non-perishable products, and if you spend $100 or more, you can benefit from the free delivery on cold or frozen foods.

It might seem like a lot of money to spend just so you can get the freebie, but if you need a big stock that will last you for at least one week, that’s going to be worth it.

2. Samples

I’m one of those people who can’t say no to a free sample, especially when I’m food shopping and I hear my stomach growling. But if you have a Costco membership, you can get a lot more samples! And yes, they’re free.

You can check them out each time you go shopping in the store, and I’m sure that you’ll find many treats and new things that you’ll love. Keep in mind that the samples the retailer offers are typically for items that are on sale, so it’s a smart idea to try them out first and then decide to purchase them at a discount if you enjoy them.

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3. Hearing tests

If you think that you have a hearing problem but want to be sure, it’s time to put that Costco membership to good use! A lot of stores have a hearing aid center included, so you can check to see if the one in your neighborhood or city has one as well. Then all you have to do is book an appointment.

You can take this hearing test both at local stores and online. If you prefer to take it physically, it’s going to take roughly 60 minutes, and it gives professionals a better understanding of whether or not you need a hearing aid. Besides that, it can also inform them regarding the types of hearing aids that your ears need, so this is a service that is worth checking out!

4. Cashback

This one is only available to Costco’s Executive members, so if you’re one of them, you’ll surely like this freebie! One reason why customers prefer to sign up for this program is that they can get 2% annual rewards, up to $1,000, on qualified purchases.

Executive members will get their reward check near their annual membership renewal date, and that money can be cashed at your local warehouse, which is great. However, before you decide whether this program is smart or not, it’s always a fantastic idea to do some research.

Do your calculations and decide whether this type of membership fee is going to help you or not, because you’ll need to pay a higher fee for this cashback option. The result will be based on your shopping and spending habits, so keep that in mind.

5. Returns

Another thing that convinces people that they need a Costco membership is their return policy. Let’s say that you purchased something from the retailer and didn’t like it. All you have to do is take the product with you to any Costco warehouse, and you can quickly get a refund.

If you did your shopping online, just start a return via their website, or go to the store and ask the employees for an immediate refund, which also includes handling and shipping fees.

However, before you get too excited about this option, don’t forget that it isn’t available for every single product they carry. Jewelry and electronics, for instance, might not be included, so read Costco’s complete policy before you purchase an item you’re not sure of.

6. Hearing aid care

If you have a hearing problem and you purchased your hearing aids from Costco, they can take care of the regular care for you. This means that you can forget about replacing the batteries and cleaning your little gadget because the retailer is going to do it for you.

If you want to benefit from this free service, just take your hearing aids to any Costco store you want, and the staff there is going to help you with everything you need. Besides that, you can also opt for a remote appointment with the warehouse so you can follow up on any problems.

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7. Tech support

Not everyone knows how to handle an electronic device, and there’s no shame in that! So if you purchased an electronic device from Costco, don’t waste your time trying to do everything on your own when you can simply call Costco and ask them for tech support.

The warehouse can offer you support for a lot of purchases, such as laptops, major appliances, televisions, and cameras. If you want to contact them, their service is open 7 days a week, from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific time, so there’s enough time to call them and get the help you need to fix those issues.

8. Soda refills

If you do your grocery shopping at Costco, you have surely tried their hot dogs at the food court. They’re affordable and very, very tasty! The perfect treat after a long shopping day So what do you think about popping in at Costco for a quick lunch or dinner? You can get a hot dog and a soda for no more than $1.50.

One thing that’s great about this offer is that it actually includes refills, so don’t forget to head back and refill your soda cup before you go on about your day. I don’t know about you, but I like this offer, especially on a hot summer day when a cold and refreshing drink is everything I need to make me feel better!

If you plan on going grocery shopping anytime soon, don’t forget your bags at home! I know that there are plastic ones available at the store, but instead of getting one that is going to hurt the environment, you could simply take a reusable one with you. You can put it in your bag and use it each time you need it! This one from Amazon is just great for that, so check it out!

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