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11 Things Trader Joe’s Won’t Sell Anymore

Do you like shopping at Trader Joe’s ? 

I personally love Trader Joe’s! It’s cool and fun to shop at; they always have good deals, and it’s super close to where I live. And if you’re an American citizen, you know what I’m talking about! The only downside of this place is that their products come and go, and right when I am starting to enjoy something, they decide to stop the production. Ugh! Does this happen to you too?

Unfortunately, today I am here to bring you bad news regarding some items that Trader Joe’s wanted to discontinue. And by the end of the article, I will be waiting to read your opinions about it. Let’s see what products you will no longer find on the shelves starting now.

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1. Honey butter chips

Oh, no way! These were my favorites; actually, I can’t think of a better savory chip combination. And somehow Trader Joe’s decided to discontinue this product, and I am sad now. But I guess this happened simply because not many people liked this flavor, which led to its demise. Hmm.. I thought there were a lot of other fellows who enjoyed munching on these chips, but I was wrong. Eh, I hope someday they will decide to bring it back!

2. Tofu and edamame nuggets

This was the real deal for all the vegetarians out there! Filled with carrots, tofu, and one of my favorite things, edamame, these nuggets were easy to make because all you had to do was heat them for a couple of minutes in your oven. But I guess not many people liked this product because it only lasted a couple of months before it was permanently discontinued by Trader Joe’s.

Some people were really upset about this, and they even started a petition to keep the item around; however, the petition was closed with only 50 signatures. Heh, it is what it is! What do you think about this product?

3. Chile Relleno

If I remember correctly, in 2019, Trade Joe’s decided to part ways with Chile Relleno, a pre-made meal that was pretty popular back then. Maybe it was because it was spicier than usual—who knows? I personally loved the fact that the meal didn’t contain meat, which was a nice option for vegans too.

Even though many consumers argued that other names simply weren’t comparable, Trader Joe’s never intended to bring this product back. What a shame!

4. Gazpacho

Another goodie that was discontinued is gazpacho soup. Even if a lot of people used to buy and love this organic product for some reasons, Trader Joe’s said “That’s it, no more gazpacho for you guys!”. We will never know the reason behind this since most customers, including myself, were pretty disappointed because, honestly, this was one of the best store-bought gazpacho soups!

Sadly, at this moment, they haven’t decided to bring gazpacho back to their long list of products. What do you think? Will they ever bring this delicious soup back? Tell us in the comments.

5. Instant miso soup

One of the things I usually buy when I am in a hurry is instant miso soup. Easy to make and super delicious, miso soup is basically my salvation when I don’t have time to cook my lunch. But despite my personal experience with this product, there were a lot of unsatisfied customers. Some said the seaweed was too small and the mushroom chunks were pretty rough and kind of chewy! I beg to differ, but because this product didn’t bring them much money, they decided to discontinue it back in 2017.

…psst! Speaking of nice products, this amazing body butter from Trader Joe’s can now be found on Amazon too. And it’s so nice that I love it. If you’re interested, you can find it here for a very good price.

6. Chocolate chip sandwich cookies

Whoever says they don’t love chocolate cookies is a liar! Honestly, what’s not to like about chocolate chip cookies? I am thinking about this since Trader Joe’s decided to discontinue their heavenly chocolate chip sandwich cookies, and I still can’t figure out why they did it.

Trader Joe’s still chose to stop making these mouthwatering chocolate chip sandwich biscuits in 2021, despite the fact that customers adored them. I think I am going to write a letter to Trader Joe’s and ask them to bring me back the cookies I’ve loved since the first bite! They were among my favorites.

7. Feta cheese spread

Who knew this product would vanish from the shelves of our dear Trader Joe’s? Well, the inevitable happened, and Trader Joe’s eventually discontinued even a risk-free, secure product like feta cheese spread. When this popular spread went out of stock in September 2017, everybody on the internet erupted in outrage and disbelief.

One customer even admitted, “I can’t believe I almost had a tantrum in the middle of the store!” She therefore attempted the alternative, which was to create a copycat dish. Do you miss this product or not? Tell us in the comments.

8. Jumbo black raisins

These raisins lived up to their “jumbo” moniker, straddling the line between raisins and prunes, and were marketed as raisins that even non-raisin enthusiasts could enjoy. A Jumbo Raisin Medley is still available, but the monochromatic packages are no longer offered and haven’t been since at least August 2017. Even if you were not a fan of raisins, you would have become one after eating at least one of these!

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9. Arrabiata sauce

I am a huge fan of spicy spaghetti, which is why I make it at least once a week with a piece of grilled turkey. And my favorite ones are those made with arrabiata sauce. I was super happy to know that I could find this type of sauce in my favorite store, Trader Joe’s, but my happiness didn’t last long because in 2022 they decided to discontinue the product. Luckily, you can find a variety of tasty pasta sauces to choose from. Which one is your favorite?

10. Dark chocolate speculoos cookie butter cups

Sadly, this is another amazingly delicious product that Trader Joe’s has decided to discontinue. And the reason why I’m sad is because there were a number of mouthwatering things combined in this product. When Trader Joe’s introduced them in 2014, these bite-sized candies were a huge hit with food blogs, but unfortunately, they are no longer available. Maybe it’s because they were too sweet, and the amount of sugar in them was too much. Who knows.

However, you can still find a lot of other tasty cookies at Trader Joe’s; some of them also contain butter. Mmm…tasty!

11. Cheese and garlic croutons

No, these are not my favorite croutons. I was genuinely sad last year when they decided to discontinue them because I used to buy them every time. Super tasty with your favorite soup or salad, these croutons were also pretty cheap compared to other places. And that garlic flavor was definitely the “cherry on top!”

Fortunately, you can easily make a version of this dish at home by toasting garlic, cheese, and butter-covered bread. Now, excuse me, because I am on my way to make it for tonight!

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