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Here Are 9 Cheapest Places to Buy Dog Food

If you have a dog, then you probably want to feed your furry friend in the best possible way. Well, whether we’re talking about easy-to-find popular dog food or something a bit more specialized and doctor-approved, there are plenty of retailers and online sites that would gladly show you some of their best canine dinner options.

For instance, if you prefer shopping online, you could take advantage of free delivery and auto-ship programs. This way, you can assure yourself that you’ll never run out of food. However, stores also have curbside pickup, all kinds of rewards programs, and same-day delivery.

Prices and selection could slightly differ, but once you discover what your dog needs, it all comes down to matters of convenience and preference. Here’s where you can find dog food:

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Chewy is that particular place you go if you’re looking for a massive selection of dog food to choose from. In fact, they have SO many options that they ended up counting 2,000 options only for dry food and almost 1,500 for wet food.

Of course, there are also veterinary diets, raw foods, fresh meals, and dehydrated snacks. What people love about Chewy the most is probably the fact that they have fast delivery and they rarely run out of something, unlike other retailers. There’s also wonderful customer service via email and plenty of regular sales on wet foods and various other pet supplies.


If you buy from Amazon, you can easily stock up on your pet’s favorite dog food, especially since you’re ordering most of the things you need from this giant retailer. You might find everything here, from high-end and hard-to-find brands to more budget-friendly mainstream choices. Luckily, shipping costs nothing, and it will only take two days, as long as you have a Prime membership.

If you’re not registered, shipping is free for all orders over $25, and it might take somewhere around five days. You can easily save more bucks by setting up a subscription for typical food delivery once every two weeks or every six months, and if you change your mind, you can simply cancel it.


Probably one of the largest brick-and-mortar pet retailers, PetSmart has over 1,640 pet stores in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico and also has a vibrant online presence. There, you will definitely find a broader selection of dry, canned, and veterinary diets, as well as food toppings, fresh, and frozen food.

Also, they offer get free shipping on all orders over $40, and you won’t have to wait more than two days. Luckily, if you need something more urgently, they have a same-day delivery option that’s still available via DoorDash.

If something doesn’t appeal to you anymore, you can return online orders to any PetSmart local store in your area. There’s also a loyalty program where you can easily redeem extra points for various products and services.

Petco dog food
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Petco has over 1,500 stores all over the U.S. and Mexico. It’s worth mentioning that this also includes over 100 in-store vet clinics. Petco has one of the biggest online selections of dog food, from dry to canned to free-dried, fresh, and even veterinary diets.

Petco has anything you can imagine, from mainstream to high-end premium. Besides all that, it also has free-of-charge same-day delivery, where there’s no order minimum for the vast majority of in-stock products, but also curbside pickup in specific locations. If you subscribe to a recurring delivery, food comes with free delivery, no matter how often you order it. But that’s not all: you might also get a discount.


Walmart has over 4,700 stores in the U.S., and there’s a high chance there’s one in your neighborhood. Well, you will easily find popular and cost-friendly brands such as Purina, Pedigree, and IAMS whether online or in any of their stores.

However, they have an online-only selection that includes premium brands like Merrick and Canidae. If you order over $45, you’ll get free two-day delivery, as well as a free curbside pickup in case you need something faster.

Items that you bought online can be easily returned to any store. Walmart Pet Care has various other perks, such as pet prescriptions filled in-store and online, but also access to discounts on pet insurance and various links to dog walking and boarding services.


If you’re looking for dog food brands such as Blue Buffalo, Iams, Halo, and also the Kindfull brand, you’ll find all of them at Target. But if you want something in the high-end premium sector or veterinarian diets, you won’t have any luck at Target.

Even so, there are plenty of options you can choose from. In fact, you can get quality products at any of their 1,900+ stores in the U.S., or even have them shipped the old-fashioned way. Shipping won’t cost you anything, as long as your order is over $35 or you have a Target credit card.

Also, you can buy online and use their curbside pickup option. If something doesn’t seem right, you can return all the items you bought online to any Target store.

Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed is the best choice when it comes to natural dog food brands such as Fromm, Orijen, and Acana. Selections might range from dry to frozen to freeze-dried to dehydrated, which could also include meal toppers and all kinds of nutritional supplements (like goat milk).

The chain has over 106 locations in 14 states and a great, user-friendly online site. You should definitely use their same-day curbside pickup, free shipping on all orders over $49, but also same-day delivery on a couple of items.

The store also has a price match and satisfaction guarantee. If you’re interested in purchasing leashes, collars, and any other pet products, you might want to check their store.

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Pet Supplies Plus

If you never heard of them, you must have lived under a rock, because Pet Supplies Plus is a huge franchise chain with more than 625 stores in 40 states. It’s impossible not to find something that your dog might like, whether we’re talking about dry, wet, frozen, fresh, or even freeze-dried food.

In the latest research, it seems that the store had over 1,000 different dry options and 500 wet ones, even if some of them were low on stock or even out of stock. The store also offers curbside pickup in only one hour or free same-day delivery for any order over $35.

It is also worth mentioning that they have an online pharmacy where you can find any kind of prescription medication, from heartworm prevention to veterinarian-recommended prescriptions.

Bentley’s Pet Stuff

This is a family-owned business, and everything that’s family-owned comes with a certain quality you’ll never find anywhere else. These guys really like doing their homework on every single product, and they only offer what’s best for animals.

At Bentley’s Pet Stuff, you will find all sorts of natural bands, from Farmina, Fromm, and Nulo to Primal. They won’t ship anything you buy, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t shop them online and pick up the order from any nearby local store. It seems that their whole purpose was to take fewer orders because they wanted to focus on personalized service. Well, good for them!

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