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Florida Only: Seniors Can Claim These 29 Discounts NOW

There’s nothing better than getting supplies with some of the best senior discounts out there. There are so many places across Florida that will offer you just that: plenty of discounts on everything, from hotels to state parks to grocery stores.

But before rushing into a bigger purchase, you need to know what you’re dealing with, and that’s why we’ve decided to make a list with some of the best discounts any senior could ever get in Florida. Besides living in the Sunshine State, I think we will bring light into this matter too, so you can spend your money in a smart way! Here are our top picks:

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If you’re 55 or older, you definitely need to know about Walgreens’ special Senior Days that might help you save additional money on prescriptions and various other items. Senior Days don’t happen too often, so you might want to check with your local store and find out what the exact dates are to get this deal. Also, you might want to consider cashing in on online savings during these promotions.

Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels also include some of the best names in the branch, such as Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn, Clarion, Mainstay Suites, and Quality Inn. Also, they offer seniors who are 60 and over as much as a 10% discount on all advanced reservations.

No matter where you decide to travel, whether it’s Florida or anywhere else, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a Choice Hotel in the vicinity, which makes this discount one of the most valuable ones.

Avis Rental Cars

AARP members who are currently living in Florida would be happy to hear that they are able to save up to 25% on any Avis rental car. Even more, the savings don’t end here, as you can also upgrade your car for zero costs and have access to many other perks just because you’re an AARP member. Florida has plenty of Avis locations, which will definitely suit your travel budget.

Camping at Florida State Parks

Seniors who are 65 and over could easily get a substantially discounted camping fee in all the state parks in Florida. You will get to save 50 percent on your campsite base fee, which will give you a cost-effective option for your own vacation. Florida is loaded with some of the best parks in the entire country, so you might want to take advantage of this discount all over again.


If you’ve been living in Florida for any amount of time, you must know how pleasurable shopping for groceries at Publix is. Well, what if I told you that the experience could get even sweeter than that? They have certain promotions on Wednesday, where they give a 5% discount for all seniors who are 60 and older. While it doesn’t sound like a lot, the savings could equal hundreds of dollars per year.

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Krispy Kreme

Probably the sweetest thing about this deal is that you only need to be 50 years old to access it. So take those 10% off your order at Krispy Kreme, and simply let your taste buds run wild. I can assure you that you’ll never get tired of this tasty treat.


If there’s something that we really appreciate about this brand, it’s the fact that Kohls really knows how to show appreciation to its older clients. That’s why all customers who are 60 and older and have a valid ID will automatically sign up for a 15 percent discount every Wednesday. It’s true that they limit their purchases somehow (especially given that other brands are off-limits for this kind of deal), but it’s a discount that you shouldn’t miss.

Banana Republic

Who says that your fashion sense disappears the minute you retire? Because Banana Republic would bet on the opposite, and that’s why they give a 10% discount to all folks who are 62 and older. It’s a great place to restock your wardrobe for any occasion your retirement might throw at you.

TJ Maxx

Florida is now the only state where you might find a TJ Maxx senior discount. So hurry up and get that generous 10% off on your Monday purchases. TJ Maxx is already well known for its wonderful deals, so getting some extra help might get you even further.

Bealls Department Store

This Florida-based department store knows how to treat its senior customers, which is why you can enjoy all kinds of promotions and a 20% discount on a particular day of the month dedicated to seniors. Now that I think about it, that’s probably why Bealls is one of the most appreciated stores in Florida!

burger king
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Fast food discounts

We’ve also learned about these fast food chains and their senior discount offers. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Burger King has a 10% discount on all beverages for those who are 60 years of age and older.
  • Chick-fil-a has a 10% discount or free drink for seniors who are 55 and older (not all locations participate);
  • Chili’s will give you a 10% discount if you’re 55 and older.
  • Dairy Queen has a 10% discount for all senior citizens who are 60 and over (not all locations participate);
  • Dunkin’ Donuts will give you a 10% discount if you’re an AARP member.
  • KFC will give you a free drink and a meal if you’re 55 or older.
  • McDonald’s offers a coffee discount for all seniors who are 55 and over.
  • Subway also has a 10% discount or free beverage of choice for those who are 65 and older.
  • Waffle House has a 5% discount for all seniors who are 60 and over on some weekdays;
  • Wendy’s has a 10% discount for seniors who are 55 and older;
  • Zaxby’s has a special senior discount at all participating locations.

Entertainment offers

In Orlando, you will get a wide variety of dining discounts, but there are also so many entertainment spots that offer quality discounts, too. Whether you want to go bowling with a senior friend or simply sit back and watch a movie, you’ll find plenty of offers in Orlando. Let’s see what your options are for getting a reduced price for your next plans:

  • Bowling Alleys: Popular entertainment centers will usually offer discounted rates for seniors. For instance, seniors who are 55 years and older could get discounts on shoe and sock rentals on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as discounted bowling games on weekends at the Keg Social and Waterford Lakes.
  • Movie Theater: Besides, cinemas such as Regal and AMC offer some of the best senior discounts. Regal and AMC will offer you as much as 30% off for seniors 60 and over.


If you want to view some of the most beautiful and intricate art installations, enjoy contemporary art with your family and friends, and find out everything there is to know about the past, here’s a list of attractions that will offer you a discount:

  • The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art: The museum will offer you a $5 discount ticket to those who are 60 or more;
  • The Mennello Museum of American Art: Here, you’ll get senior discounts if you’re 60 years and over;
  • The Orlando Museum of Art: You’ll only pay an $8 ticket if you’re a senior of 65 years old and over;
  • The Orange County Regional History Center: You’ll only pay $7 for a senior ticket if you’re 55 years of age or older;
  • Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition: If you’re a senior, you’ll only pay $19.95 for a ticket.
  • The Wycliffe Discovery Center: You’ll be able to get a $7 ticket if you’re 65 and over.

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