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Thrifting and Antique Shopping: 9 Brands You Should Search For

If you love thrifting and antique shopping, these are the brands you should search for!

Many people, including me, find thrifting and antique shopping an incredible experience because you never know what amazing things you could find. However, there’s nothing more exciting than discovering a brand you already know to be exceptional and high-quality at an antique mall or thrift store.

The items you find available at these types of shops are typically in limited editions; they’re vintage, extremely beautiful, and cheaper than they would be if you were to buy them brand new. If you plan on going on a thrifting and antique shopping adventure, I have some amazing suggestions for you. Here are the best brands you should search for!

You’ll want to do a little happy dance the next time you see one of these kinds of pieces. Let’s begin!

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1. Culver Canella

The first brand you should search for when going thrifting and antique shopping is Culver Canella. This brand is known for its amazing and classic glassware and if you’re lucky to find something like this in your shopping expedition, you’d better add them to your cart.

Even if you don’t like the way these items look, don’t worry, someone else will. These mid-century modern glassware pieces have a cane-like pattern plated in 22-karat gold and this exquisite detail is going to help you make a profit when putting them on resale websites.

2. Ethan Allen

There are so many amazing brands you could find when going thrifting and antique shopping, and Ethan Allen is one you should search for. They’re known for their exceptional furniture pieces, which are of great quality and also timeless.

Ethan Allen furniture pieces are all-wood, of incredible manufacture, and they make everything seem vintage but modern and very stylish. Even though many people choose their color furniture based on their home decor or on what’s in at the moment, brown furniture looks good with several decor styles and is coming back in fashion.

3. Orrefors

Orrefors glassware is very stunning and suits a wide range of aesthetics—the pieces are minimalistic but will shine in homes that are pattern-filled as well. Even if you don’t know the name, you’re probably aware of Orrferors’ Corona crystal bowls, which are popular collectibles.

If you’re lucky enough to find an exquisite piece like this on your thrifting and antique shopping adventure, place it on your coffee table, and it will completely change the look of your living room.

Orrefors designs will appear everywhere, and they’re very loved by the public—you might find them at Goodwill or a high-end antique mall—and they are truly ageless. If you don’t like them, you can always clean them and make them shiny again, and then sell them for a profit.

4. Thomasville

The next brand you should search for when thrifting and antique shopping is Thomasville. There are a ton of people who are head over heels for faux bamboo furniture, and that’s because it gives a natural, sort of jungle feel to any room and looks pretty earthy and fun.

These pieces will draw anyone’s attention, and their dressers, chests, and desks are well-made and of amazing quality. Not to mention, they look sophisticated, lacquered with a pop of colored paint. A brand worth having in your home, if you ask me.

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5. McCoy

If you’ve heard of McCoy pottery, you know how popular their items are, especially among collectors. Their things are so cute, stylish, and pretty; they look like the vessels princesses in Disney movies or fairytales would use.

McCoy planters and pots are very sought after by people around the world, and no wonder they’re so appreciated, considering how good they look both separately and together. Not to mention, these artsy pieces are often more budget-friendly than new planters at the plant store.

If you’re a big fan of McCoy pottery and you want to know more about the brand and the incredible pieces they produced throughout the years, this is an amazing book you should have in your library! Keep reading to discover other brands to search for when thrifting and antique shopping.

6. Mid-century modern classics

We’ve talked to antique experts to tell us more about the brands you should keep an eye out for when thrifting and antique shopping, and we’re going to share everything we know with you.

Experts say that MCM enthusiasts should keep a lookout for well-known brands like Eames, Saarinen, and Wegner. Keep in mind that some pieces are unquestionably expensive, so if you don’t have the budget for them, you can also use them for inspiration.

You could find copies that will allow you to get a similar appearance on a more modest budget. Other major MCM brands to consider when shopping vintage include American of Martinsville, Baker Furniture, Knoll, and Milo Baughman. This will add a homey and classy feel to your home decor style, so definitely check them out!

7. Virginia Metalcrafters

We have a couple of brands you should look for when thrifting and antique shopping to talk about, so don’t go anywhere just yet. If you love tiny decor things from Virginia Metalcrafters, you’re in for a treat, because many items from this company end up at flea markets or vintage shops.

They made so many beautiful brass goods, ranging from sconces, candlesticks, and door knockers to trivets, that it’s truly worth it to have a couple of them in your home.

Do you like thrifting and antique shopping?

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8. North Carolina-made furniture brands

The state of North Carolina isn’t only a fantastic place to visit and have fun, but it’s also the place where lots of furniture brands are based. Century, Henredon, and Hickory Chair are popular brands in this state, and people all over the country love them.

If you find items that were made in North Carolina, put them in your cart, because they’re of high quality, look gorgeous, and can make you a profit in case you want to sell them.

9. Other brands to look for when thrifting and antique shopping

Thrift stores are filled with an impressive mix of vintage and contemporary brands, so you might be lucky enough to come across items from some of your favorite big-box stores alongside decades-old finds.

If you prefer your thrifting and antique shopping experience to be online, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are great places to start. For instance, if you’re head over heels for a piece at Serena & Lily, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, or Crate & Barrel but are over your budget, you can go online and take a quick look around Facebook Marketplace to see if you can get the piece or something similar secondhand.

Don’t forget that the beloved North Carolina-based brand Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has gone out of business, so if you find one of their items during your thrifting or antique shopping session and you don’t like it, it might still be worth getting it because some people could be collectors.

Have you ever found any exquisite pieces on your thrifting and antique shopping adventures? What is your treasure? I’m curious to know because I love vintage items and find them magnificent, so leave a comment below!

Do you know any other brands you should look for when thrifting or antique shopping? Share them with us! If you enjoyed reading this article and you’d like to check out something else from Brainy Savings, here’s a good article for you: 7 Hidden Home Expenses That Will Drain Your Bank Account

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