Wednesday, July 24

Ready to Live on Social Security Alone? Here’s How!

live on social security alone
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Social security is a big thing for American workers, and many of them, after they retire, are curious to find out how they can live on Social Security alone. It was created in 1935, and it is a fantastic program that keeps many Americans out of poverty. According to some 2022 statistics, 21.7 million people, 15.4 million of whom are 65 or older, are kept out of poverty by Social Security benefits.

But even with all of these advantages, the Social Security program was never intended to allow you to live on it alone. This is something pretty hard to achieve, and that’s why there are so many seniors struggling with it.

However, the truth is that some senior citizens will spend their golden years depending on Social Security benefits to make ends meet. Here is how you can live on Social Security alone!

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