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Got These Things in Your Basement? They’re Worth a Fortune!

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Is your basement neat and clean or so cluttered that you can’t seem to find anything in there? Chances are, there’s more money in your underground space than you realize, especially if yours falls in the latter category. There’s no shame, though. With work and household duties, cleaning and organizing your basement probably comes in 10th place.

But once in a while, it’s nice to do that and realize you’ve been storing some things that you’ve even forgotten about. The best surprise is when you learn that some of those items you’ve been storing there for ages are actually worth a fortune!

If you can’t remember the last time you decluttered your basement, then you definitely should prioritize it! Not just because it will help you keep everything down there organized, but there’s a good chance you’ll also find some potential moneymakers. Yep, that’s right!

Since decluttering can be a real burden, I’m coming up with a recommendation that can help you efficiently organize your house. This book has some great advice on how to eliminate clutter in your house—attic and basement included.

Without further ado, here are 10 things that collect a lot of dust in your basement and could generate a great chunk of money!

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27 thoughts on “Got These Things in Your Basement? They’re Worth a Fortune!”

  1. I have 3 or 4 items I would like to know how to sell them. Where do I go to see what they are worth if anything.

    1. Google any results of auctions of the items you have. That’s what I did and found out an old campbells soup sign sold for 16000$. Mine was in better shape and sold for 19000$

    1. I would be very interested in your Playboy magazine collection,depending on which issues you have.bikeguy628 please let me know.

  2. I got three large boxes of the original Star Wars stuff that’s never been opened or out of the box. I forgot it was there and just found it. I got it when the base was getting rid of it all when they were closing down. I bought 3 shopping carts full for the kids and put it away. Then we moved and the rest is history. Never even looked at it.

  3. I have a few things that might interest people for purchase. Vinyl, sneakers, stamps, money, sports memorabilia for the right people and more.

  4. I have a Singer sewing machine in its original case. Also a wrought-iron sewing machine holder with the foot pedal. My oldest sister was born in 1938 the next in 1942 and myself 1946. My mother used to make almost all of our clothes on this machine. Not sure who to contact.

  5. Hello

    Yes I have several items I would like to sell at the top of the list is an extensive stamp collection but where would I find a legit estimator to give me. Fair price!

  6. I have old Paintings from 1902 and so on. Listed artists. Don’t know where to go to get some kind of estimates on them to sell them.

  7. I have a large collection of vintage Playboy magazines. The one Christmas issue with Pamela Anderson sitting on Dan Akroyd’s lap (dressed as a Conehead) has a value between $7,500 and $10,000 according to some sources. I have 2 of that issue. I just don’t know how to sell it or where.

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