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6 Hair Care Hacks That Save Money

These are the best hair care hacks. Have good hair on a budget!

We bet that you also love to have nice, clean, and shiny hair, but most of the time, shampoo, conditioners, and other hair care products are incredibly expensive. So stop making your bank account cry every time you go shopping for hair products and try these amazing hair care hacks.

High-end products can be irritating with their intoxicating smells and premium bottles, but sometimes it is better to just keep some cash in your pockets. Hopefully, having great hair without spending a fortune is totally doable! All you have to do is learn how to maximize your resources.

Read on and learn some of the most useful hair care hacks that will help you get the hair you want by using the products you already have.

Hair Care Hacks
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1. Cut open those bottles

Next time you stare at your “empty” bottle of shampoo or conditioner, use this one of the hair care hacks, and you will surely be thankful. There is a lot of product hiding behind those plastic walls, and all you have to do is create a way to access it. This is why you need to take your scissors and simply cut open the bottles.

If you’ve never done this before, we want to tell you that you will most likely be surprised by how much product we waste because we are not using this trick more often. Depending on the bottle, you might have enough product for 4 to 5 washes!

Once you have cut open the bottles, you can store the hair products in a shallow screw-on top bottle, a travel-size bottle, or, in the worst-case scenario, a basic zip-lock bag.

There are many hair care hacks, but this might be the best one you can use to preserve the hair products you already have.

2. DIY dry shampoo or spor washing

Sometimes life is so busy that you don’t have time to take care of your hair. Dry shampoos are your main ally in this case, but unfortunately, they can cost a fortune, especially high-quality ones. But there are hair care hacks out there that can help you have the hair you want even when you are on the run.

First of all, you can try spot washing. For this approach, you will want to focus on the areas on your scalp that tend to get greasy first, such as the area around the hairline or temples. Select the area you want to wash, and simply wet it with warm water. Then take a little bit of shampoo, wash the area, and rinse it. This will refresh your hair without you needing to wash your whole head.

If you prefer dry shampoo but stopped buying it because it’s too expensive, we are here to tell you how you can make your own DIY dry shampoo at home. This is a budget-friendly alternative, and you probably already have the ingredients that you need in your pantry. Take some cornstarch or arrowroot powder and mix it with some essential oil. You will use this mixture to apply it to your roots, massage them, let the mixture set for a few minutes, and then brush it off.

3. Stop using that much product

It is easy to fall into the trap of “more is better,” but in reality, you don’t need a product to make your hair look fabulous. The secret to beautiful and healthy hair lies in moderation, and using fewer products will also save you money. This is one of the hair care hacks many don’t believe in, but take a moment and listen to the arguments.

First of all, by using less, you are reducing product waste. Shampoo and conditioner that end up washed down the drain equal lost money. Secondly, this strategy will help you wash your hair less. Using too much product will create a buildup in your hair, and as a result, you will need to wash your hair more often.

This is one of the best hair care hacks, and you will see that using just the right amount will mean so much more in the long run. For shampoo, a nickel-sized drop is more than enough for most hair lengths. For conditioner, you need even less and should use it only on the ends of your hair. When it comes to styling products, start with a small amount and then add gradually if you need more.

4. Wash less

We know, we know, this sounds quite counterintuitive, but this might be one of the most budget-friendly hair care hacks that we have on this list.

When you wash your hair too frequently, you also wash away all the natural oils from the scalp. These oils are important because they are the ones that keep your hair hydrated and shiny.

Two hair care hacks that help when you want to wash less were already mentioned, and they are dry shampoo and spot washing. But wearing headbands and styling your hair in a specific manner can also help when you decide you want to wash less. You can use a hairband or a hairstyle to camouflage greasy roots or minimize the appearance of oil.

Washing less will make your hair healthier, and you will also save money on shampoo, especially now when shampoo is more expensive than it ever was.

Hair Care Hacks
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5. Master the art of self-trimming

We all know that going to a hair salon can mean spending a lot of money. From the actual price of the haircut to the money you pay on gas, you will not be able to save money if you keep going to someone else to cut your hair.

But if you don’t want something specific and you just want your hair cut and looking neat, one of the best hair care hacks is to learn how to cut your hair. The Internet is a treasure when it comes to tutorials, so you can find many of them online and learn the basics.

Remember to always start slow. Don’t cut too much on the first try. Take off a little length, and if it’s not okay, stay calm because the hair will grow back in no time. Also, we know that you want to save money, but please invest in good-quality tools. Shaps scissors are a must, and they will provide better control and prevent split ends.

6. Choose different products

We all have those staple products that we always buy, no matter what. But some of them might be pretty expensive, and when you want to save some money, this is not helping at all.

One way to manage this is to try opting for drugstore alternatives and see if they work. Most of the time, they might work; they will never be the best, but if you also don’t need to be the best that day, this might be the perfect combo. You can keep the top-of-the-line products for special occasions and don’t use them every single time.

Or you can dive into the world of split routines and see how that works for you. For example, you can use an intensive treatment like a hydrating mask once per week, and for the rest of the days, just skip the conditioner if that is possible.

One great alternative is using powdered dry shampoo. This one might be a great choice: ETUDE Zero Sebum Drying Powder 4g New

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