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Are You a Regular at Walgreens? Here’s how To Save Money Everytime You Shop

With one of the finest selections of products, thousands of pharmacists, and plenty of locations across the United States, Walgreens is so much more than just a place to pick up your medication. Also, thanks to a variety of programs and tools, now it’s much easier than ever to save on all the things you buy.

Whether you are shopping in-store or only, we managed to make a list of all the things you need to do if you want to save more money while shopping. So, next time you go to Walgreens, make sure you try these hacks!

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Join the myWalgreens Rewards Program.

In November 2020, Walgreens replaced its Balance Rewards program with myWalgreens. This brand-new customer loyalty program is meant to make shopping at Walgreens much easier and, of course, convenient. If you’re a member, you can receive 1% Walgreens Cash rewards storewide (pharmacy included), 5% Walgreens Cash rewards on store-branded products, and also personalized deals based on your purchase history.

You can even choose to donate your Walgreens Cash rewards to one of their eligible charities. The program is completely free, and you can sign up at myWalgreens.com, in the Walgreens app, or even in stores at checkout.

Download the Walgreens app.

When they redesigned the Walgreens app, they only had your convenience in mind. With only a couple of swipes, you can simply clip Walgreens coupons and offers and save money on the spot at checkout.

You can also order items for delivery or in-store pickup, manage prescriptions, chat with a pharmacist 24/7, and schedule vaccination appointments. Moreover, you can receive health and wellness advice and many other things.

Save with a Walgreens Promo Code

Are you shopping online? Before you even click “buy,” you can look for a Walgreens coupon code or even a promo code. Promo codes are constantly updated; just make sure you look for the latest ones at Walgreens.com or even at RetailMeNot.

Previous offerings might come with a free same-day delivery on orders, a percent-off discount on contact lenses, or even a buy one, get one free offer. In order to access these savings, just enter the code at checkout.

Take advantage of registration rewards.

When you buy specific products, you could even get a coupon with your receipt. This kind of register reward is generally something like “Save $2 off your next purchase at Walgreens.” You won’t be able to apply the discount right away, but you can simply use it on your next purchase.

Clip digital coupons.

Have you ever tried browsing in between the hundreds of Walgreens digital coupons you can find on the Walgreens app or the online version of the weekly ad? You can easily save those coupons on your Walmart account by simply clicking “clip” on the offers page.

If you prefer online shopping, any valid coupons are also automatically applied when you check out. If you’re shopping in a store, make sure you enter your phone number at checkout to apply all the other eligible clipped coupons.

Use manufacturer coupons.

Walgreens also takes manufacturer coupons, so make sure you keep an eye out for those in your local newspaper. You will also be able to combine those discounts with Walgreens’ weekly ad savings and your myWalgreens rewards to save big bucks.

Stack coupons for maximum savings.

You could use one manufacturer coupon and any other Walgreens coupon when you buy something. They even apply to the same item. However, if you’re buying multiple things, Walgreens will let you use as many as four identical coupons.

Open a myWalgreens credit card

Walgreens offers two credit cards. First, there’s the myWalgreens Mastercard, and then the myWalgreens credit card. They both offer extra opportunities where you can save cash and earn as many rewards as possible.

You can also apply online to see if you qualify for either of them. Also, both myWalgreens credit card options have some serious benefits for no annual fee: you can earn 10% Walgreens Cash rewards on Walgreens-branded products and 5% Walgreens Cash rewards on all other brands and prescription purchases.

The myWalgreens Mastercard also has a couple of extra perks, including opportunities to earn more Walgreens Cash rewards when you shop. Earn 3% Walgreens Cash rewards on grocery, health, and wellness purchases outside Walgreens and 1% Walgreens Cash rewards in any location where they accept Mastercard.

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Get free same-day pickup on online orders.

If you’re running out of time, you can always shop online or on the Walgreens app and select the option to pick up your items in the store. Walgreens could even alert you when your order is ready (it can take as little as 30 minutes).

You can also go curbside, in-store, or at the drive-thru window to get your order. If you also have a prescription to pick up at the same time, Just add it to your order, and you can collect everything from the pharmacy.

Get a flu shot and a $10 reward.

The flu shot is an extremely effective way to protect yourself and the ones you love from getting sick. You can save yourself the trip to your doctor’s office and get the vaccine at any local Walgreens location instead.

In the majority of cases, your health insurance will take care of the cost. Besides, you will also receive a $10 Walgreens Cash reward, which you can put toward your next purchase. Walk-ins are welcomed, but you can also schedule an appointment.

Join the prescription savings club.

Drug costs can really put a dent in your budget. If you constantly need medications, you can enroll in the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club. You might have to pay for the membership, as the annual fee is $20 for individuals and $35 for families of up to five members, pets included. Nevertheless, the savings can be quite significant.

Membership in the club could also give you plenty of deals on most vaccinations, bonus points on select Walgreens-branded products, and savings on some preventative and lifestyle medications that might not be covered by insurance.

Moreover, you can also get discounts on some medical supplies with a prescription. However, there are some restrictions. For instance, the program isn’t available to those who have Medicare or Medicaid.

Sign up for their newsletter.

The store can also send you deals and exclusive offers through email. In order to get them, you might need to sign up for the Walgreens newsletter. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes, tops. Then, make sure you check your email for other savings opportunities. You can also keep track of your myWalgreens account through the newsletter.

Shop on Seniors Day

On the first Tuesday of every month, Walgreens will celebrate Seniors Day for all my Walgreens members who are 55 and older. Seniors can save as much as 20% on eligible regular-priced items in-store and online with the code SENIOR20.

You can also earn a $1 Walgreens Cash reward when you ask the pharmacy staff about staying up-to-date on recommended vaccines. If you take our advice and decide to shop on this day, you might need some help carrying those groceries, and that’s why we recommend you get this super cool shopping cart!

Check out the Walgreens clearance section.

So the next time you’re browsing the store, make sure you also check the clearance section. Believe it or not, a recent online search can show you the best offers on discounted makeup, vitamins, and supplements, but also on humidifiers. If you’re looking for top-notch deals, just shop after a season or holiday.

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