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Save Money at Costco: 10 Tips to Stay Within the Budget

Do you know how to save money at Costco?

I don’t think there’s someone who would say no to saving money. With prices rising like crazy, many people were forced to change their grocery shopping habits to adjust to the change.

A huge retailer like Costco can be a fantastic ally when it comes to making great financial savings on food and household supplies, but you have to know where to seek the best discounts.

Before you grab your keys to go on a trip to the land of bulk items and delicious hot dogs for $1.50, I have some great tips I want to share with you. If you want to save money at Costco, this is the article for you.

Oh, and it’s okay if you’re not a Costco member. This is how to shop without a membership and still save money at Costco. Let’s begin!

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1. Start from the back of the grocery store

If you want to save money at Costco, the next time you shop there, start from the back of the store. I know it might sound weird, but the farther you walk, the better the deals will be.

The front section of the store is known as “action alley” and is filled with the newest products. But that’s not all, because this zone is also home to the highest prices due to being visited by thousands of people every day.

2. Get that rotisserie chicken

As you already know, making your food from scratch in the comfort of your own home is healthier and more affordable than ordering takeout or going to the restaurant every day.

If you want to stay within your budget and eat healthier and more delicious meals, you should get Costco’s famous rotisserie chicken. It will only take a couple of minutes to remove the meat from the bones and use it for multiple meals.

You can use the chicken to make sandwiches and salads, or you can eat them with grilled veggies, rice, mashed potatoes, and so many other things, depending on your preferences.

If you don’t want to buy an entire chicken, you could ask the butcher to cut it in half. Always listen for the bell when you’re shopping at this retailer. When it rings, fresh and juicy rotisserie chickens are available for you to purchase.

Speaking of cooking at home, if you want to make your meals taste divine, you need to use the best herbs and spices. Here are my favorites, which taste heavenly in the majority of dishes I make!

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3. Get the store-brand products

Another fantastic way to save money at Costo is to get their amazing store-brand products. So look for the Kirkland label, because these items are just like name-brand ones but more affordable.

While some store-brand products can be hit or miss when it comes to quality, Kirkland is popular for being top-notch. My favorites are bacon, pasta, tomato sauce, baked goods, booze, cheese, coffee, and organic brown eggs, and although this isn’t a food, I love gasoline from Kirkland.

4. Stock up on meat

You can save money at Costco by stocking up on meat. This retailer is known for offering high-quality meat that can be bought in bulk, and you shouldn’t neglect this.

Even if you don’t need more than a pound of beef or pork for some recipes over the weekend, get a couple of extra pounds to save for later. You could store them in the freezer and use them for those delicious pastas, lasagnas, tacos, or any other tasty things you might cook.

5. Shop after the holidays

If you want to purchase off-season items from this important retailer, I have some tips for you on how to save money at Costco: go shopping after the holidays.

If you want to purchase candy and flowers, for instance, the best time to do so is after Valentine’s Day, when the offer is large but there aren’t that many customers there.

Or if you want to get grilling supplies, do that when the summer ends, because you’ll get plenty of deals on your much-needed items. It’s the same principle that people follow when they purchase clothing items in the off-season. Get the staff you need before you need it, and that’s how you’ll get more for less.

Keep reading to discover other ways to save money at Costco!

6. Ask for price adjustments

Here’s another way you could save money at Costco: they have a return policy for members. The wholesale shop claims that its beloved members are entitled to a “risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee” if they purchase anything and end up not liking it. What’s incredible about this is that you can even return opened food products.

Here’s something that you’ll like: you can fill out a form on the Costco website to seek a price adjustment if you purchase something and the price drops within 30 days of your purchase. If your request is approved, you’ll get a credit for your next purchase.

Do you have any useful tips on how to save money at Costco?

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7. Understand their price tags

If you want to save money at Costco and still get everything on your list, you should understand their price tags. Do you know why they have the endings .97 or .99 at their prices?

Some people say that this is a secret code that will help you discover the best deals available at the store. An item is at wholesale pricing if the final price is .99 and if you see something that ends with .97, that’s the greatest deal you’ll find.

8. Get the Costco app

Are you out of something? Maybe toilet paper, tissue paper, bananas, or any other item you might need at home? You don’t need a membership for this one, and all you have to do is install the retailer’s app and look for the most amazing deals available.

That will help you save money at Costco and also give you a sneak peek at the offers available, so you know whether it is worth a visit or not. Do you have their app?

9. Check out the prepared foods section

As we’ve previously said, cooking for yourself is often the most cost-effective method of grocery shopping. However, if you don’t have enough time or don’t want to cook on a particular day, you can find lots of healthy and delicious options at Costco. Even though you don’t prep these yourself, it can end up being less expensive than getting takeout.

Costco’s prepared meal area offers a wide variety of selections for you to try. While options differ from one place to another, you should be able to find something simple and easy for those hectic days.

Do you have any other tips on how to save money at Costco?

10. Fill up your gas tank

I recently said something about gas because it’s amazing to fill up your tank at Costco. Since you already do your grocery shopping from there, it’s convenient to get gas from the same place. Besides that, it is more affordable compared to other gas stations in your area.

In some cases, you could save roughly 15 cents or even more per gallon when filling up your gas tank at Costco. What do you think about these easy ways to save money at Costco? Did you find any of these useful? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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