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6 Secrets About Playing the Lottery, Revealed by Players and Experts

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If there’s one thing most people have dreamt about, it’s winning the lottery. Admit it! How many times on your way to work have you thought of winning the lottery and quitting your job? Or winning the lottery and going on an extended holiday? And the list can easily go on and on and on…

Compared to going to a casino, playing the lottery is much more popular (and for good reason) and the moment the numbers are extracted has turned into a national event. It’s not just about winning the big jackpot (although, it can be reason enough), it’s also about the thrill of choosing your numbers and waiting to see how lucky they are.

According to statistics, one in four people play the lottery at least once a month. Some manage to win big while others win just enough to play again. Whatever the situation, there are certain tricks and strategies that avid players swear by. Read on to find out some of the best-kept secrets about playing the lottery, revealed by experts and lottery players.

Ready to play your lucky numbers?

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1 thought on “6 Secrets About Playing the Lottery, Revealed by Players and Experts”

  1. Barbara Reiner

    When I buy a lottery ticket, I am buying a dream. The dream lasts until I hear the numbers drawn.
    I really don’t expect to win…..the most I’ve won was $4.00! But I have such fun deciding how
    to spend the money……who is in need of it and giving to my two favorite charities .

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